Saturday, October 04, 2008

Valjs Chipboard Tutorial

You may already know how to do this and if so..Fantastic! There may be some of you who don't and would like to know how I did I wrote the instructions down.I don't have pics of each step..cause Jim had to reformat my puter and I am soo busy getting it back into shape and putting files where I want them etc. If there is something you don't understand..please let me know and I will try to make it more clear for you.:)

Here is the way I did this..using Photo Impact 11.

The paint program I use.If you are familiar with

your paint program you will understand these

instructions and find the options on your programs

and figure out how to do it.

1.Make an object in your paint program and duplicate

it.Resize the "duplicate" to make it a little smaller

than the original.Fill the "original" object with a

light beige color or off white.

2.Beginning with the original object..make your

object active..then go to the buttons option in your

paint program and choose a bevel that will be rounded

enough to look like chipboard.You may need to play

with it until it looks the way you like..then apply

it to your object.Then go to the "texture" selection

in your air brush or paint brush.Choose a texture you

prefer that will make the edges look as close to

chipboard texture as you can.Using a little darker

color..paint the edges with that one.You are done

with the first layer.

3.Now to the "Duplicate" ..slightly smaller layer to

work on.

4.Make your obiect active.Go to the "type" option

under "Text/Path Effects" and choose "Seal".You will

see several options.I chose number 7 for this

one.Apply the one you choose to the object and you

will see rough edges and some tiny holes.
5.Choose the background paper you are wanting to use

for the final product and "fill" this object with

6.Place the smaller finished object in front of the

larger "original"(chipboard) object and adjust it to

fit in the center.(do not add shadow to this one)

Merge the two objects into a single object.You are

done.All you need to do is add a shadow to the final

object when you place it on your pages.

Hope this was a little clearer than mud.LOL

Have fun making them and please let me know how they

turned out.:)