Monday, September 08, 2008

Valjs Grungy Paper Pack

I made a few papers the other day and they basically are the same designs from the last two posts...just different colors. I made them "2400x2400". If you scroll down to Jimmy's Birthday page..I used one of these in that page. Then scroll down to the Grungy QP below that and that background paper is in this pack too. There are eleven papers showing here but seventeen are in the pack.I used one of the crumpled cloth papers in the Grungy QP too.The one that is cut in zig zag.:) Hope you like them.:)

Thank you ALL sooo much for your Birthday wishes for Jimmy! How sweet! I appreciate it sooo much and will show them to him when he wakes up.:) Thank you also for the wonderful comments you have left me for the Grungy QP.I was hoping you would like it.:)

It's been a quiet weekend for us here at the home front.:) Jim has had to work all weekend and I spent the days cleaning the house or blogging.Yesterday I listened to the book of Romans while cleaning the house.Christy got me the New Testament on CD a couple of Christmas's ago. I love it! I know it is hard sometimes to find the time to sit and read the bible. Life is soo busy. This is a wonderful way to get the word into you. Plus..someone else can pronounce the hard words for you.LOL Jim got me the whole bible on a small portable player.I need earphones to listen to it.I open my bible to the book that the man is reading from and sit and follow along and let him read it to me. Have you tried to pronounce the names etc in the Old Testament? I like letting this man do that for me.:) When my Mom had her exercise bike she would put her tapes of the bible on and listen while riding it.How about during that quiet time you are relaxing in the bath..or when you are getting ready for work in the morning ..curling your hair etc?I'm not trying to tell you not to spend that personal time with the Lord.Just if you are wanting to keep the word in your memory..this is a good way to do it.:)Personal time with the Lord is sooo important!! I guess what I am trying to say is...there are other ways to be able to keep in the word. We just have to make the time to listen.:)

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