Thursday, September 04, 2008

Valjs Rose QP 9-3-08

I'm baaack!!LOL I have had a really busy week this week.No time to design until yesterday evening and I just finished this Qp this morning.Hope you like it! Maybe I should have called it.."ALL the colors of the rainbow"...cause it sure is full of color.:) I thought I had better get this one up here before all the designers start putting up fall colors. I see they have already started.:)

I love fall.Sweater weather!!:) With menapause and hot flashes..maybe I won't even need a sweater this year.LOL Yes..I am fifty four..going through menapause and NOT LIKING IT ONE BIT!! hehe Please tell me I will survive it!:) Let's just say....I am sooo glad Jim loves me.!! Poor guy has to put up with my mood changes flashes...cold chills..etc. I told wonder in the Old Testament of the bible....they separated the women from the camp for two weeks each month and put them in a tent to themselves.LORL I know I am not alone and there are lots of my scrapping friends who are in that tent with me.hehe You younger women think you have PMS...well you ain't seen nothing yet! I read an article the other day that said there are over thirty side effects to Menapause. Pray for me! Oh ..and for Jim too!LOL

Here's the freebie:
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