Monday, September 01, 2008

I got an Award!!:)

I got another award !!! It's from my dear friend Kyra. I am so honored to receive this from her. Thank you so much Kyra for thinking of me. You made my day! :)
If you haven't been to see Kyra and read her blog then you need to go see what she has to say and then start to collect her wonderful freebie kits.Be sure to thank her for all of her hard work.:)
You are suppose to post four blogs that you think deserve this award and it's always nice to mention the person who gave it to you too.:)

I always like to give the award to the person who sent it to me to begin with.If they thought enough of me to honor me with it..then they are tops in my book.:)

There are so many scrappers I could choose from but since I am only allowed four..then...

Here are the ones that I am passing this award to:

First is back to
  • Kyra
  • . I have come to know her more each day from reading her blog and seeing the wonderful emails she sends to me. She is a really sweet person...and you should get aquanted with her...if you aren't already.

    I am gonna do the rest in alphabetical order..cause I just can't place one above the other.:)

  • Barb
  • (Mrs.Miles)... has always been there for me.Through thick and thin. If you need someone to lift you up in prayer..she's the one! She has a wonderful blog and something new to encourage you in your walk with the Lord...almost every day. If you haven't visited Barb..then you are really missing out on a blessing.:) She is a dear and trusted friend and I am soo glad she entered into my life.!

  • Cintia
  • is another of my dear trusted friends.I have known Cintia almost ever since I started blogging..maybe even before I had my own blog.:) She is a really sweet person who is sooo generous and kind. I have been blessed by knowing her and seeing into her heart!:)

  • Renae
  • a dear trusted friend of mine.I met Renae on her blog last year(or was it the year before?) How time flies!! We started emailing each other and I am soo blessed to know her.She is soo sweet.!! If you haven't gotten to know her..then now is the time.:)

  • Sharon
  • (scrapcat4914) is another of my trusted friends.I can count on her to bring a smile to my face almost every day.She is probably my most regular visitor on my blog. We have become dear friends while blogging back and forth.If she doesn't come to see me ..I worry about her.LOL If you don't believe me..go look in her comment sections.hehe

    Thank you ALL for being my friends!