Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jimmy and Grandma Layout using Renae's new kit

Here is a layout I made using Renae's new "Natures Gifts Kit" and a pic of my oldest Son (Jimmy) and my Mom.:) The pic was a spur of the moment one time to comb his hair. I love natural pics anyway.Things that show emotion etc.:) This pic had his head chopped off at the top or I would have lowered it a little.I love it! can still use those pics that aren't just perfect.:)
If you would like to have the QP ...just scroll down and grab it ...then go say Hi to Renae and collect her gorgeous kits.:)


Here is another 2400x2400 QP I made using
  • Renae's
  • new Natures Gifts Kit. Told you she was making another one.LOL It's like going on a nature trail and everywhere you look there is something new and interesting to be sure to go to her blog and start collecting it right away.Well...after you grab this QP.hehe. Hope you like it.:) Thank you soo much Renae for letting me play!!:)

    Thank you ALL sooo much for the fantastic comments you have been leaving for us.We sure appreciate your taking the time to let us know what you think.You are most welcome!

    I had a busy day yesterday.Jim and I thought we needed to get another microwave cause ours had been tripping the fuse switch every time we used it. We bought a new 20 amp fuse and replaced it in the fuse box and then when the electricity still wouldn't work..Jim started taking apart the electrical sockets to check them out.When he got to the third one in the dining room..he noticed the plastic cover had some yellowing on it he took it off too and we found out that the socket had burned in half and the plastic box around it had melted too.The screws were black from burning.I am soo glad that it didn't start a fire in the house.Jim took plastic wire covers and twisted them onto the exposed wires and is planning to get a new socket to replace that one today. The good news microwave is still good.LOL Oh..and the house didn't burn down.hehe The house is around sixteen years old and there is no reason that the socket was faulty.Jim thinks us plugging things in and out of it may have caused it to short out.The thing is..I hardly EVER use that one.It's on the opposite side of the dining room and the only one who uses it is Jimmy when he vacuums for me. I just use a central plug in and it reaches pretty much wherever I need to may want to check your socket covers to see if there is yellowing around the outside.Can't hurt..right?

    Here is the link:

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