Saturday, August 09, 2008

In Loving Memory

Seven years ago from today my Daddy lost his struggle with Cancer.When I was a teenager Daddy had a tumor in his thigh and it was cancerous.He got cobalt treatments for it back then and now they have found out years later..that the cobalt treatments caused cancer.He was having some problems with his legs and had an operation for spinal stenosis. As far as I understand ..that is a tightening of the casing around your spine.He didn't recover well and moved from Florida ..back to Georgia and went to another Doctor and this Doctor discovered that he had a tumor behind his bladder that was the size of three grapefruits.During the time of his trying to find out what options etc. that he had, they discovered that the tumor had wrapped itself around his hip and spine.He took radiation treatments for it but the cancer was just too big.The only other option they gave him was to have his left leg removed at the hip and have to wear a colonoscopy(mispelled I am sure) bag to collect his bowels. He opted to go to heaven and get a new body.:) It was an agonizing year for all of the family and especially for my Mom and I who were his main caregivers. It's no fun to watch a loved one suffer the way he did and not much at all you can do but try to make them comfortable. Mom did soo well.When the Hospice nurses came to check on him ..they were amazed that he didn't have one single bed sore.Mom made sure of that.:) She and Daddy were both nurses aids and worked for the V.A. for years. Mom worked on the Cancer ward so she knew what to do and what to expect while he was sick. She says it helped her a lot.I didn't know that much about it and I think I am glad I didn't cause I don't think I could have handled knowing what he was gonna have to go through.KWIM? It was hard enough on a day to day basis.:(
The day Daddy went to be with Jesus...Mom and my brothers and I were at his bedside and I was soo sleepy I couldn't stand it.It had been a long week of us being called to his bedside over and over with Mom thinking he was gonna go any minute.We stayed up all night around his bedside and then I was sitting on a chair at the end of his bed and had ahold of his foot...just to let him know I was there.I fell asleep and Mom sent me to the office to grab a few minutes of sleep and not ten minutes later they came into the room and told me he was gone. I sometimes wonder if he waited for me to leave.:) Anyway..I didn't cry when I saw him laying there so peacefully.I looked up to heaven and shouted.."Daddy..You made it!!!" and I laughed.You see..I KNOW there is a God and I KNOW my Jesus is real and I KNOW my Daddy is with him.:) Yes..I cried later..when I knew I would miss him and even now I am trying to write this through the tears...because I love him and want to see him again.He brought a lot of joy and laughter into our lives...and the family is not the same without him...but the scriptures say..'Oh death where is your sting?" It's a lot easier when you are confident that they aren't gone..they are just somewhere else waiting for you.:) This reaction may seem odd to you..but he was no longer in pain and agony and I was thrilled for him.:)

The Lord gave me this poem about a week or so before. I think it was his way of preparing me for it. Click on the preview and you will be able to read it if you want.:)

I wanted to share this song with was his favorite.:)