Friday, August 01, 2008

Today is my sweethearts and my Anniversary.We have been married for thirty seven wonderful years.! You probably already know this next part if you have been reading my blog.LOL

I was thirteen and Jim was fourteen when we started going together. Our family moved across the street from his family. We would glance at each other all the time and he use to walk to the school bus stop that was closer to his friends. One day ..he started walking to the bus stop closer to our houses.hehe I was sitting on the bus and no one else was next to me at the time.He walked up to me and said "Do you mind if I sit here?" I of course said no ..I didn't mind. From that day on..he sat next to me on the bus and anywhere else I chose to sit.LOL We went through the stages of me wearing his class ring...pre-engagement know the rings with the little tiny diamond in them? Then one day ..Dec.19th..just before Christmas that year...he came home from work..came over to see me and gave me a beautiful kiss and a hug and asked me if I loved him? I said "yes" and then he asked me..."Enough to marry me?" I said "yes" and he pulled out a small jewelry box and it had an engagement ring in it. It was white gold with a single diamond in the center.(bigger than the pre-engagement ring..hehe) . The first thing I asked him..was it real? LOL Cause my Mom had been telling me I couldn't get engaged yet...and what a cruel trick that would be for me to have to decide between obeying my Mom..or obeying my heart. Whew! I was only sixteen then.My birthday was the next month..Jan.28. I was torn between joy and sadness and all mixed up at once. What to do??? Then he laughed and told me that he and my Mom had gotten together and decided it was okay.LOL We planned a wedding for the following Aug.1...which was thirty seven years ago today!! :) If you did the math..I am 54 and he is 55.LOL

Happy Anniversary Jim! Thank you for sitting next to me!:)