Monday, July 28, 2008

Olivia Dorazio's New Kit and a Layout by Me

Olivia Dorazio has a new kit in her store today.It's called Junkyard Garden.It's really COOL! I snatched a pic from Mrs.Miles blog and made this layout with it.(she didn't mind) hehe I LOVE the way it turned out. This layout is of Mrs.Miles holding her hand out with a hummingbird feeder on it.She had a little visitor while waiting.See what you get when you are patient?:) Her friend took the photo and it is soo cool.! I wanted this layout to be simple and have meaning for her. I sent it to her this morning and she LOVES it.:) Yay!!:)
You can get the kit by going to
  • Mrs.Miles
  • blog..she has the info there.:) While there..scroll down a little and see the wonderful layouts that she has of this new kit and also the cute video of a water sprinkler and some surprise vistors.:)

    Scroll down on here to get today's BB Freebie if you would like it.:)I did two posts today.:)

    Valjs Alpha Brag Book Page

    Here is a Brag Book Page I made using the elements from a QP I did almost two years ago. I cut out the photo sections this time though.:) I can't remember who's font I if you recognize it ..please let me know so I can give them proper credit. This page is bright and colorful and all jumbled up with ABC's. Hope you like it! I plan to use it right away.!!hehe

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me..for the fantastic experience of getting awards for my work..which really made my days! And ..for just being you!:)

    Dh had to work all weekend so there isn't much to tell.I paper scrapped some and got more vacation pics into the albums.Now I need to add the embellishments and journaling and they will be done. I don't have very many pics for some of our trips.We went to Fort Mountain and only took a few..and we went to Anna Ruby Falls and only have a few of those too.Those cluster frames will come in handy for those pages..huh?:) I may do hybrid for those pages and I can just cut the photo cluster out in one piece after I have added the pics to the frames. If you do hybrid sure to add the shadow to the frames before you merge them and after you have added the pics.They will look more 3D on your pages that way.:) Something else I am finding out.If you print your elements onto photo paper that has a slight shine to it..instead of card stock they will look more real.:) It will probably cost a little more but the effects will be worth it...if you aren't putting all of your money in the gas tank these days.:) I found out that the photo paper I use to get costs twice as much now.What's with that? Digital cameras and scrapbooking?:)
    Oh ..I made a new header.It must look too much like the other one I had ..cause no one noticed.LOL I also added some links and fixed links in my sidebar. Some of my friends got new blogs now you can find them.:) It's easier for me too cause I have sooo many sites in my favorites ..I could take a nap while it's scrolling down to find them.LOL

    If you would like this brag book page...

    Here is the link:
  • dwnldlink