Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Valjs QP 7-15-08

Here is a cute Heart Qp I did this morning.The bottom layer is vellum with an etching of a flower in it.:) You can see the bottom of the hearts through the paper. I's different..but I like it.LOL

I have been keeping busy lately..going shopping with DH and DD on two different days and Dh is off of work again today.I have been playing with my hybrid scrapping and LOVING it.:) If you read my profile you will see that I do Paper Scrapping when my eyes bug out from looking at the monitor for too long.:) I have been scrapping my vacation pics and it's sooo fun once you add the journaling and elements to the pages.:)

I will still be sporadic with my blogging.I am really enjoying having the time to do other things that I love to do. I did a blog with freebies every day for almost two years and it really bit into my time. I wasn't aware how much until recently. I never had a desire to sell my stuff cause I didn't want the commitment that would be the rejection when they wouldn't sell.LOL My blog has always been..I make the stuff and you use it if you want to.:) It's just gonna be less frequently from here on out.:) I have let things around the house get behind and that isn't good when you have a something has to change and now is the time for it to happen.:) Some times we are forced to do something different and I am not getting any younger.LOL I have enjoyed meeting soooo many of you and I will still come say hi and get your wonderful gifts to add to my collection. Thank you all so much for being a fantastic part of my life.:)

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