Friday, June 27, 2008

Valjs Shiny Metal Stars

Here are four Shiny Metal Stars I made for you to use on your pages. They just might come in handy real soon for those Independence Day Layouts.:) The small preview doesn't do them if you would like a better on the preview. For some reason blogger doesn't care for red that much. It distorts it.:(

Thank you all so much for the fantastic comments you have left for me.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that. You are most welcome. Enjoy!!

Christy (DD) is finally able to tell everyone she got a promotion.She was told by the Veterinarian (owner) over a week ago that he wanted her to take over as Senior Veterinarian Assistant. She is a tiny bit nervous about it but I know she will do great! She is smart and was an Assistant Manager for Blockbuster for around eight and 1/2 years. She has wanted to work as a Veterinarian Asst. for quite a while now and she has been working for over a year at this office.She is really good with the animals.:) Her promotion will involve doing inventory and ordering the medications so they will be on hand when needed.Taking blood, urine and fecal samples and reading them.Cleaning the animals teeth.Doing xrays and assisting in surgeries when needed.Some of these she is already doing.Just not the inventory and ordering. On the weekends she has to go in and walk the dogs..feed ..water and give them baths...then go back later in the afternoon to walk them again and refill their food and water bowls. She gets one weekend a month off so that makes it nice.:) Anyway.. I just had to let you know about her promotion.I am sooo proud of her.:)

Here is the link:
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