Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Scrapbook Cabinet...YAY!!! :)

Here is a pic of my new Scrapbook Cabinet that Jim (DH) just finished building for me. I LOVE IT !! I had Jim take the pic before I realized the drawers needed cleaned from him putting the knobs on. Oh well..pretend it's clean.LOL I will clean it later after I get it loaded up the rest of the way.:) I told you there was no room to expand.hehe Would you believe I still had to use a set of my 3 stack plastic drawers??? I have the stencils and extra paper pieces etc in them. Oh..I had Jim add a small drawer under the ribbons for the ribbons that come wrapped around a piece of cardboard.KWIM? You can't tell by looking at this pic..but on top of the cabinet (from right to left) I have a glass cookie jar that is filled with markers and pencils...then another glass container that is holding those glass colored rocks that are flat on one side...then a glass vase that has a bunch of different silk flowers in various colors for my scrap pages. I will just pull the flower off of the stem on the one I need and replace the bunch when I need more.:) If you could see how many I have in will know..I won't need more for a while...hehe

If you are interested in the dimensions of my cabinet.Jim said it is 5' x 5' x 1' deep. Those are 12" x 12" papers on the right side in the slats...and they just fit.We had to keep the depth at this size cause the dining table has to fit in there too.:)'s bedtime for me now. I worked hard today!!!LOL freebie in the morning..I'm sleeping in.:)