Thursday, June 05, 2008

Update on Scrapbook Cabinet

I just wanted to show you how far Jim has gotten with the scrapbook cabinet he is building for me.:) I will explain it again for those of you who may be seeing it for the first time.:) The slats on the top right and left are for storing my scrap papers.The slats on the top left are for 81/2 x 11 papers and the slats on the top right are for my 12x12 papers. The verticle slats in the middle are for my craft scissor cases.I have about four. The cubby hole to the right of the verticle slats will hold a box with dowel rods for storing my ribbons on.All I will have to do is roll off what I want and cut it.:) The bookshelves in the center are to store my scrapbooks in and the drawers on both sides are for storing all my scrapbook supplies. I LOVE it and can't wait to get it up here where I can fill it up.LOL Jim told me last night after sanding on it for days..that he is ready to paint it now.He was wanting to stain it but the lumber he used was difficult to find matching pieces.Some of the pieces had green wood in them.So we opted to paint it.Now I have to decide what color I want it it to be.:) I would like to have it a color that would go with any room I moved it in to. We use every inch of our house to live in with our two oldest kids still living at I have all of my scrapbook supplies in the dining room.It comes in handy with the table in there to work on too.:) With such a gorgeous will look great!:)

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Valjs Retro QP 5 Merged

I didn't have another page for you this I reached back into my files and found this page I had started and didn't finish.I finished it this morning for you.:) It's merged..all you have to do is put your pic in the frame and add tags etc. Hope you can use it.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.I know I say it every day..but I mean it just as much today as all the other times I say it.:) Thank you!

I spent yesterday cleaning the house and playing with my hybrid scrapbooking supplies.I also printed out cutout elements to put on them.(you wouldn't believe how many digital elements I have that I can print out and decorate my pages with).hehe If you layer them..they can be soo cute! Example..cut out two or three of the same element and put a popup sticky in between them.I can't think of the name for them.It's too early in the morning and I am still half asleep.LOL makes them raise up above the page some. I made several pages by putting the frames on my pics digitally and then printed them on photo paper and cut them out and pasted them to the page.I don't put the elements on photo paper when I do hybrid scrapping.Just the photo/photos with the frame/frames I have chosen. If you add a shadow to your frame before you merge,print and cut it out.It looks 3D even when you cut the photo frame close to the outside edges.I just cut the outside shadow off.:) Well..I know what I am trying to say anyway.LOL It makes a much nicer page if you ask me.:) If you think ahead of time you won't waste photo paper.Just put as many of your pics on the same page as you can fit.I even arrange them in the clusters that I want and print them out.:) I just thought some of you may not have tried these before.Let me know how it works for you.:)

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