Sunday, May 25, 2008

About Office (desk) Chairs :)

I had an experience yesterday morning that I could have done without.:) I stretched and leaned back in my office chair and it toppled backwards with me. My shoulder hit Jim's (DH's) desk corner..behind me and I slid on down to the floor.In the process of trying to grab anything to help soften my fall..I grabbed the slideout drawer that my keyboard and mouse sit on (it was the nearest thing to grab) and it came on out the whole way and hit me in the mouth.Bummers! My tooth went through my top lip and my bottom tooth almost went through the bottom lip.Needless to say I am rather sore this morning and I have a swollen mouth.Christy said it looks like I have had a stroke on that side of my mouth.It is swollen even more this morning and my back and neck muscles are sore.So..I am gonna relax and heal for a couple of days.:)

Jim and I went out to find a new desk chair for me and we found out that I am not the only one that has had the desk chairs topple backwards on them.So I want to WARN YOU ...PLEASE be aware that this can happen.It's no fun and if you are alone in the house you could have a real problem if it happens to you.

I am not looking for sympathy..but will take it if given.LOL I just want you to be safe.:)