Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Christy Making Angelina Jolie Doll Head pt 1

Christy Making Angelina Jolie Head pt 2

Valjs Retro BB 1

Here is the first Brag Book Page for my new Retro Kit. I have already used the four I have made and they are sitting nicely in my little Brag Book. Hope you will like them as much as I do.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the fantastic comments you have left for me.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.Really I do.:) You are most welcome.I hope you enjoy using this kit and I would love to see what you have done with it.Please feel free to leave a link for your pages so I can take a peek.:) Thanks!!

Today is DD's day off. We didn't get a chance to go anywhere last week on her day off cause DS took me out for Mother's Day. She will most likely be ready to do some shopping. :) Not much more to tell right now so I will get right to the freebie. :)

Here it is:

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