Friday, April 25, 2008

My Scrapbook Cabinet update. No Freebie today!

Here's an update on the scrapbook cabinet Jim is making for me.:) I LOVE it! Click on the pic for a closer view. The three big shelves in the middle are for all the scrapbooks I have...and room for more. Yes..there will be more.hehe. The slats in the top right are for my 12"x12" papers and the slats on the top left are for my 8.5" x11" papers.The vertical slats in the center are for my black cases that hold all of my decorative scissors.I decided to keep them in the cases. The open area to the right of them will have a drawer with dowel rods in it for all my ribbons so all I have to do is roll off what I want and cut it.No messy ribbons all over the place.:) The bottom five openings on the right and left will have drawers so I can store all of the scrapbooking tools and elements etc for my pages. I am really getting excited for it to be done and in place so I can fill it up.Whooo hoooo!!! :) Dh is doing such a wonderful job on it too.:)
Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for Christy and me.We sure appreciate your taking the time to do that. You are most welcome.:)
I may be a bit sporadic with my freebies for a while.I have sooo much to do and things I want to do that I don't have the time to design everyday. I know a lot of you are doing your Spring cleaning and gardening and don't have the time to browse the blogs like you did during the winter when you were stuck inside the house. Sooo..I thought I would slow down and catch up on my stuff too. There sure is pleanty of catching up for me to stay busy.:)
Enjoy your weekend! Hope the weather is gorgeous for you !:)