Monday, April 14, 2008

Fixed Links

Well..I hope I got them all fixed now.My Baby Album and kit are in the October 2007 Archives.Let me know if you have any problems with them.:)

I also corrected the link to my Stitched Block QP 2.I added the png files to it too.I didn't change the size that I used back then though. I have just recently started making my designs at 2400x2400. Back then they were 1200x1200. If you would still like to use's on 3-9-07 the archives.:)


Valjs Rectangle Doggy Frames

Here are the Rectangle Doggy Frames for my new Doggy Kit. I didn't use these on the Doggy QPs but thought some of you may like to have them along with the Doggy Papers. I still have a couple more things for this kit...and then we are done.:) Cloth papers if anyone would like to have them..and some Doggy Frames with a wrapped belt and heart tag etc.I am still working on those.:) I have a couple of requests I need to work on too so I may just take a couple of days off of my blog when the Doggy Kit is done. We'll see.:)

I wanted to ask you something. If you find a link in my archives that isn't working.Would you please let me know on blogger and not 4shared? That way I can know about it right away.I only go to the archives once in a while to check on the links and it is hard for me to find the kind of time needed to look at them all's a jungle in there.LOL won't be hurting my feelings if you let me know a link isn't working.You are actually doing me a favor by letting me know.I want you to have ALL that there is to offer and be happy. It is my gift to you. I just realized that a couple of my baby album links are messed up and I will be working on correcting those. When you look at the dwnld looks fine..then click on the dwnld and it takes you to a blank white page.That isn't what I had intended for it to do.:) Soo..I will be busy today trying to fix those for you.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me .You are more than welcome. I would love to see what you have done with your Doggy pages if you would like to share them with me.:)

Here is the link for today's freebie:
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