Sunday, April 13, 2008

Valjs Doggy Square Frames

Here are the square Doggy Frames .I used some of these in the Doggy Qp's.If you haven't colllected my Doggy Album sure to scroll down.I have LO's and freebie Doggy QP's. Be sure to go into the archives too. There are eight Doggy QP's altogether.:)

Just so you know and may want to take a peek.There is a Wedding Album and a Baby Album in the archives too.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the fantastic comments you have left for me.I really do get such enjoyment knowing that you like my stuff.:) You are soooo welcome.! Enjoy!

DD and I went to the craft stores yesterday.First Hobby Lobby then to the Scrapbook Warehouse ...then to Michaels. The Scrapbook Warehouse is probably my favorite.You get fifty percent off of all their stuff.They take the price off at the register. They have sooo much stuff.The stickers come on huge rolls that you cut off where you want and there are at least fifty rolls of different stickers to enjoy. That doesn't count the ones they have all over the store. They have to have over a hundred die cuts...and just about any kind of paper you would like. It's fun to just go look and get some ideas. :) Then I came home...printed out some of the elements I wanted for my scrapbooks and cut them out.LOL I started doing my photos with the frames around them..digitally.Arrange them the way I want on the page and print them out on glossy photo paper.Then cut them out and paste them to my scrapbook page. I add the elements I want and... . it's really a lot easier to make a paper scrapbook page this way.:) Have any of you tried that yet? Let me know what you think.:) BTW..I do both paper and digital scrapbooking.I must admit I have more digital ones than the paper ones cause they are a lot faster.hehe

Lets get to the freebie!

Here it is:
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