Thursday, April 10, 2008

Valjs Doggy Bones and Paws

Here are some of the bones I have used in the Qp's. I have some that are made from the Doggy Printed Papers and they will be offered soon too. A couple of these have the light hitting them from a different angle. Just wanted you to be aware of that.:) If you need it to be different..just rotate the bone and it should do fine for you.:)

Here are some of the Doggy Paws I used in the QP's. I used the Leather Doggy papers in a couple of these.:) Hope you like them. If you need them to be bigger...just duplicate one of them..make it bigger and fill it with one of the leather papers..then go to your "button" options and click on the one you like best. I usually play around until I find the one that I like. :)

Thank you ALL so much for the fantastic comments you have left for me.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.:) You are most welcome! I hope you enjoy using this kit as much as I did.:)

Let's see....I went to the Dentist yesterday.He was able to fix my tooth and I found out that what I thought was a cavity is just a tartar build up.:) Good news !! He also was able to fill in the tops of my two middle bottom teeth.They had worn down some. I must say I envy those of you who have dental insurance and can afford to go to a better Dentist than I go to. Dh and I weren't that happy with the results and it cost us $550.00.We had to save up for it too.Now we have to save some more so I can go get more done. Hope the Dentist improves his skills before I get back there.LOL I would go to my Mom's Dentist..who is really good.(He does all that fancy dental work you see being done on extreme makeovers etc.) but he also is very expensive.:) Oh least my tooth was saved!!:)

There are two dwnlds for be sure to get them both!

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