Monday, April 07, 2008

Valjs Printed Doggy Papers

Here are the printed Doggy Papers from my new Doggy Kit. There are only seven..cause that is all I made of the printed ones.LOL I will have the leather ones for you tomorrow if all goes well.Hope you like them.:)

Thank you ALL soo much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I sure appreciate your taking time to do that.You are most welcome.:)

I don't think ranting and raving over this issue I am imploring you to read this and please consider it carefully.
Okay..I hate to have to mention this..but...I am finding my pages are being uploaded to 4shared in someone elses account and scrappers are going there instead of here for their dwnlds. I know my pages are free and all that..but it cuts way down on the dwnlds on my blog. I like to see the dwnld count on my 4shared so I can tell how many scrappers like what I have done.It gives me an idea of what they would like for me to make. If I get less dwnlds..I may think you don't care for that I will stop doing it. They are also hotlinking to my pages.I kinda expected that would happen..cause some people get a thrill out of doing something they know isn't right. I just would like to let those people know that they are hurting their fellow scrappers when they do this...because sooo many of the designers I loved getting freebies from have quit offering freebies because of them...and people like them. You in turn hurt yourself too.You don't get the freebies either. Please consider the consequences you will get when you do this and make the right choice to do it the right way..send your friends to the designers blogs to get their own copies. Can't we ALL just get along??? Thank you!:)
Here is a copy of my terms of use..for those of you who may not have read it.

Please..Do not put my pages in a folder and upload them to a download site or put a link to the download site on your web page. Send people to my blog to get the files themselves.These pages are for the visitors to my blog.
The elements and pages are my design (unless otherwise specified by ME) and I claim all rights to them.
Do not claim them as your not add or take away from them and claim them as your own.
Visit my blog for the download links to more designs by me.

I am late getting this on here this morning.:( I am having some issues with my back again. I slept in this morning to let it rest some.It seems to have helped a little.Yay!I pretty much was forced to take it easy not much to tell you today.:)

Here is the link to the papers:

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