Saturday, March 15, 2008

Please Read Before You Download :)

I've had some requests to make my QPs larger for you.They wanted them at 3600x3600 dpi. But my puter has a really hard time with that size...but I can go to 2400x2400...and thought I would try this one out on you to see what you think.Do you like this size better? Please let me know your preferences.:) They said it will only show a 4"x4" if I do 1200x1200 like I have been doing.I guess it loses resolution at that size when they try to expand it for printing. Please be patient with the dwnld speed...since this is a larger may take longer to dwnld.I really would like some feedback on I don't want to lose any scrappers because of this change.:) Thanks for your input!! Oh..the preview is still at 1200x1200..I tried to save some size for the file.It took me almost five minutes to upload the file to like I patient.:)

The majority will rule this be sure to let me know which one you prefer!!!

Thank you ALL so much for your wonderful comments on my Easter QPs.:) You are most welcome!! Enjoy!

We had storms last night and this morning. Atlanta had a tornado go through downtown last night.It hailed a tiny bit here at the house too. You really had to look for it though. The lightning was pretty rough.We ran around the house unplugging things as fast as we could. Especially our computers and microwave.LOL Can't live without those.hehe

If you would like to try this one at the new size....

Here is the link:
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