Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taking a couple of days off.:)

Good Morning Everyone! Well..those of you who stop by anyway.LOL I just wanted to let you know I am taking a couple more days off so I can play "catch up" around my house. I've been going through closets etc to clean and have put a lot of stuff on my dining room table to sort through and I am determined to get that done so I can have my dining room table back.:) I also need to play "catch up" with my files in my puter.I need to burn some cd's (copy my designs to disks ) and transfer files etc. I am also working on my sisters 50th bday album and it is almost done...but I am having to create more layouts with Jills kit..Lavendar order to have enough pages for it...So...I haven't got much to offer you for the next two or three days.
My grand daughter's bday is tomorrow.She was born on leap year.LOL So she is really only two..but they say she is eight tomorrow.hehe. I also need to get her a that means shopping today.:) See..I am a busy busy bee...who needs some time for ..."ME". LOL
I hope you ALL have a fantastic weekend!! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you always leave for me.I sure appreciate it. I will be checking in once in a while to see if you have said hi.:) I miss you already!!:)
Scrapcat and Robbi...get better!!:) I will be praying for you.!!