Friday, February 15, 2008

SweetHeaven's LO's and My QP Freebie

SweetHeaven sent me some layouts she had done with my pages. This one is of her Niece,Kristen. She was at her Grandma's house and she was running and fell and broke her arm.:( OW!!! Isn't she adorable? I love that smile:) Thank you so much Sweetheaven for sending them to me. I LOVE seeing the final results.:)

This one is of her Grandson,Patrick.His little sister(she is 2) scratched his eye.They were playing and she got him. That really had to hurt.:( He's really a cutie...even with the patch.:) Sweetheaven....have you thought of using one of those Pirate kits or Qp's for this Pic? I bet he would love it.:)

Now to the freebie.:) I made a set of papers day before yesterday and decided to use them in some Qps.I got started with them and I have three already using the paper pack.:) Jim(DH) said he really likes them. This one can be used for and women. Hope you like it.:) Be sure to click on the preview to get a closer look.:)
Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me. I am soo glad you like my stuff.:) You are most welcome!!
I hope you had a Fantastic Valentines Day yesterday. We stayed in. Jim took me to a movie Wednesday instead since it was his day off.:) We just spent a quiet evening at home watching Norm(New Yankee Workshop) do wood working.LOL We started watching a movie after that..but I got bored with it and decided folding towels etc was more interesting.We forgot that one of our shows we watch together was on.Hope the TIVO got it recorded.:)
If you would like to use this one...
Here is the link:
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