Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bday Greetings and Valjs Valentines Day QP 8

How sweet! I got this one from
  • scrapcat4914
  • . Thank you so much Sharon!! My favorite color too.!!":) Thanks for always stopping by to say hi and making my day brighter!:)

    I was pleasantly surprised to open my email and find out that
  • Kyra
  • had made this one especially for me. How did she know I love this color?:) Isn't that pretty?!! Thank you so much Kyra for making my day more special.:)

    I also got an email from
  • Barb
  • (Mrs.Miles) and she had given me a lovely gift too.I feel soo special!:) Thank you Barb! How sweet it is!:)

    Thank you ALL too for making my day so special for me.I am sooo thrilled you had left Birthday wishes for me.:) How totally cool!!

    Here is another of my favorites from last year.Hope you like it.:) Remember I got most of my flowers from Jill (stuff by Jill) link in sidebar.:) She loaned them to me and I sure appreciate it. Thanks Jill.!! Flowers can sure add to a page...huh?:)
    I told you yesterday that I would let you know how I spent my Bday.Well...Jim (DH) had asked me what I wanted to do for my bday and I told him..I would like to go out to eat.So..that was our plan.My Mom called and asked me what we were doing and I told her..and asked her if she wanted to come too...she said "sure".Christy (DD) was gonna meet us there after she got off of work.After Mom called..Robby (my youngest son) called and asked what we were gonna do..and I told him the plans and asked if he wanted to come too...and he said "yes" .:) SO ....we added his wife and three daughters ..his wife's sister.. and himself to the list.hehe.Then my sister called to wish me a Happy Birthday and in the course of the conversation I told her what we were doing and asked is she and her husband would like to come too.She said it depended on how soon she could get off of work and if they could..they would be there too.She was able to get off and they showed up too.Good ole Golden Corral..no reservations required!!LOL The only one missing was my oldest son.He had to work.:( Bummers! We had lots of love..laughter ..and good food.It was a Fantastic Bday.Thanks everyone!! :)
    If you would like to use this one....

    Here is the link:

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