Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Valjs Mini Kit QP 1 1-21-08

I've been putting a Mini kit together as I get the time...and was wanting to show you some of it and get your opinion about it too..so I made a Qp with part of it.What do you think? Be sure to click on the preview for a closer look.:) I still have some Valentines Day pages but wanted to get this one in there before the snow is gone.LOL Everything on this QP will be in the kit..plus a few more items.Stars...flower elements....a couple more papers that coordinate...etc.Let me know !!:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I am soo glad you like my stuff.:) You are most welcome.!!

We went to Mom's yesterday to fix the sound on her computer. It took just a couple of minutes for DH to figure out the problem.Something had been muted on the sound part...so it was just a matter of undoing that option.:) Then it was a trip to Lowe's and Home Depot for a few things he needed for the project he is doing in his woodshop.Cici's pizza for lunch and back home.:) We grilled hamburgers for supper in my new rotisserie...turned out great..but I miss the smokey flavor the barbecue grill gives them.It was too cold and windy to want to go outside..so this was the next best thing.:)
Would you believe Christy's small snowman is still on the picnic table? That is how cold it has been the last few days.brrrr.

Every once in a while I get requests for a Qp or two and I will try my best to fill those as soon as possible.:) With Dh off this week..there will be a lot of running around getting stuff and I want to spend as much time with him as I can...but as soon as I am able..I will try to get those done for you.:)

If you would like to use this one....

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