Sunday, January 20, 2008

Valjs Valentines QP 5

Here is another one from last year. Hope you like it. I have some in other colors besides red..but I also have several more we will just see which ones I put up next.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you left me for yesterdays QP.I am soo glad you like it.I know a lot of you already have these..but some of you who couldn't use the psd files last year can now enjoy them..because I am adding the png files to the folders as I reupload them.:)

Dh is off on vacation this I am not sure how steady my blog posts will be.Just be sure to check in and see if I am able to post anything.:) So far ..we don't have plans to go anywhere cause we still have the colds.Bummers! I will have to let you know if we get better before he has to go back to work.:)

Dh got me a rotisserie for Christmas and we used it for the first time last night.We cooked two chickens at once.Small ones..a little over three pounds each.We will have them again tonight since we had plenty of left overs.They turned out pretty good..but we needed to cook them a little longer.So I had to pop them into the microwave to finish cooking.hehe. We will know next time to leave them in there longer than it looks like they need to be.I even poked them with a fork and the juices ran clear....but when I went to cut into wasn't done.:( Oh well..not to bad for our first ones.LOL Anyone know of a good rub or seasonings for them? We are kinda stuck on Cajun right now....cause that is what is in my cupboard.hehe

If you would like to use this one....

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