Sunday, January 13, 2008

Valjs Stars with Swirl plus background paper

Here are a few stars with swirls that I made early this morning. There are three more in the folder than what is shown here.Be sure to click on the preview for a closer look.:) I made them in individual png and psd files so you will be able to use them without having to seperate them from the page.Hey...I had extra time.LOL I am adding an extra dwnld for the background paper if anyone would like to use it.:) Hope you like them!!

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you left for yesterdays QP.I am sooo glad you like it.You are most welcome.:)

The party at Golden Corral was really fun.Everyone showed up and they didn't have a long table we could all sit at..but at least we got to sit close to each other.It took three tables to get us all together.:) We got a gag gift for my sisters hubby.He made her a big money tree for her 50th bday last month and Dh came home from work yesterday with a tiny (fake) tree in a pot.It stood maybe a foot or so tall with the pot included.LOL He used hot glue and stuck coins to the branches.LOL You would have to know how they kid back and forth with each other to really get the humor in it.LOL We did give him a real gift to go with it though.:)
I made DD's cake for her and it took everything in us to be able to eat a piece when we got back home.LOL She HAD to blow the candles out and cut the first piece...didn't she?:) I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to decorate it after all these years of being away from cake decorating.The icing turned out perfect.:) I forgot to take pics of her doing her birthday duty.:( Don't you just hate it when you miss that opportunity? Isn't that why we scrap? Am I the only one that does that? LOL

If you would like to use the stars or background or both...

Here are the links:

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  • Background Paper:
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