Friday, January 04, 2008

Valjs Child's Star QP

From the looks of the New Years Dwnlds...everyone is ready to move on to something different....and this is sure different.LOL I had some play time last week and this is the result.Don't you just love those jeans?hehe.This was made with a boy in mind.Not sure who's boy..but I thought some of you may like it.:) Please let me know.!

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me on the New Years Pages.You are most welcome! Enjoy!

I spent almost all day yesterday cleaning my closet out and sorting papers and junk that had collected over time.I am now down to a basket of papers with odds and ends thrown in and a small pile of clothes that need to be sewed.Whew! That was hard work..but I am really pleased with the results.:) put a trash can with a shredder down next to my mail box.LOL If I remember right...Mrs. Miles(link in sidebar) said you can request "No junk mail" from the post office. That is something I need to look into...and soon from the looks of it.LOL Thanks Barb!!

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