Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Valjs Yawning Doll QP

Here is another Doll QP.It's different than the last ones I had done.I have a small collection of some little dolls with different expressions and thought I could use them on some of my layouts.This layout is of Katlyn again.She was sooo tired after playing at my house with my Mom. I thought this would be the perfect pic for my yawning doll.:) I had a hard time making this QP cause every time I looked at the doll I would yawn.hehe

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate your taking the time to do that.You are most welcome.!

I had a really nice weekend with Jim. He was soo glad to be back home again.:) He had to go back to work yesterday...so back to the same ole routine.Work..eat..sleep.LOL

Christy was off of work yesterday instead of today.She switched days with a co-worker who needed to take yesterday off. Christy took Freedom(our dog) for a walk in the park.Freedom LOVES to go for walks..but she is getting older and it doesn't take much for her to get tired. She really needs the exercise though.She needs to lose some weight. So do I...need to exercise and to lose weight.:) Time to get the ole stationary bike going again.When you can't walk well..that is about the next best thing to get your heart pumping and your legs moving. That and swimming.But since I don't have a pool..the bike will have to do.:)

I have so many things going at the moment ..so I am gonna continue to be sporadic with my posts and freebies. I want to thank all of you who are regulars to my blog.You have become dear friends to me and I look forward to your visits.:)

Here is the freebie :
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    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Good Morning Val!!!!!!!!!
    TY so very much for todays ADORABLE QP!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE the LO you did with it & the photos was a good one to use!!!!! LOL
    Not much going on here!!!!!

    Robbi1 said...

    Just checkin in to say hi - Been real busy here and neglecting my blog-hopping lately. Hope all is well with you and your family.
    Darling layouts and cute qp's I see...lol - adorbale.
    Big hugs and take care now

    Burkhart Scrapzone said...

    Hi Val!
    Boy is it really November???? Where do the days go? I was hoping that with both the girls at school that I would have more free time to do the things I enjoy, but seem like there is just more work things to do! Sigh! So, finally I get the chance to say hi to you and hope that you haven't forgotten little ol' me! :) Hi! Hi! and big hugs to you!
    The girls are doing great at school, my oldest finished up her Volleyball season and now is practicing for Basketball season - hardly see her during the week with her going to school at 7 and not getting home until 7 at night! Then she is a teenager so when she is at home she is usually on the phone!
    I have been designing here and there and trying to keep my blog supplied with weekly freebies, although I think there hasn't been a lot of interest in my site lately..I have a new project that took up most of my last month and hoping to announce it real soon.
    Grey's has been different this season - not a big fan of some of the storylines they have been broadcasting, but still am happy to have my favorite shows to watch.
    Gonna go and read some more of your blog while I have the time - big hugs and look forward to hearing from you when you get the chance!

    Anonymous said...

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