Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Valjs Penguin BB Page

We have Happy Feet!!LOL Just kidding.:) Remember this QP from last year? Well..it just became a Brag Book Page.YAY!:) I really love this one.It will be great for those pics of the kids playing in the snow..or wishing they could play in the snow.LOL Winter pics would work too.Hope you like it.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.BTW..what is going on with 4shared??? Now you have to be a member to comment? That's gonna cut way back on the commenting huh? Guess we will have to be happy with the dwnld totals...unless you would like to come on blogger to leave a comment.They are always welcomed and I love hearing from you.:)

Christy has today off and wants me to go shopping with her again.We will hit the Big Lots etc.:) We love bargain stores.!!LOL I am almost to the point that I have to hold my hands up to the sides of my face (like blinders on a horse) when walking by scrapbook supplies.hehe I have more than I could possibly use and no time to work with them...but if you know me...I am gonna look and find something.LOL You know that scrapbook cabinet that Jim built for me??? It HAD room to expand???NOT!!LOL If I keep going I am gonna have to take the china out of the china cabinet and start putting the supplies in there.Wonder what it would look like???:) I don't buy expensive stuff and maybe if I did..I wouldn't have so much??Hmmm..that's an idea. hehe Mom and I went to a yard sale in town the other day and I found a cute vase with a flower design on it for fifty cents.It's sitting on the dining room table with a huge question mark on it asking "where do I belong"??LOL My Mom says I get it naturally..hehe I figure..if I get rid of stuff..it will give me room for more stuff and that could cost me more money..so I don't get rid of stuff.LORL Actually..Christy and I have been thinking of having a yard sale before it gets too much colder..so if we did that... I would have the money to buy more stuff..right?LOL

Here's the link:
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    Anonymous said...

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    joy4evermore said...

    Thanks for sharing these great BB pages!