Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank You -Katinas

Thank you Lord soo very much for all the wonderful things you have blessed me with.Most of all the salvation you have given to me.The close fellowship that we have...and the love and kindness you have shown.

I am thankful for my entire family.
The wonderful loving husband that never allows me to say a bad word about myself.
My children who bring me soo much love I could burst with joy!
My friends who bring a smile to my face every day.:)
I thank you Lord for the good and the bad because that has made me who I am...someone who loves you with every fiber of my being.:)



Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Well Derrick called me yesterday to invite me to go out for dinner today BUT as horriable as I feel with this cold I'm not going!!!!
Don't want to give it to our little ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!
Have a GRAND day!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

And I thank the Lord for people like you, Valinda, and Sharon, who are encouragers. You make the world a nice place to be. I could have the worst day, but you guys are always here. I've come to count on you to cheer up my days.

Thank you for stepping out to say hello to us each day!

I hope this is the best Thanksgiving for you ever.


Anonymous said...

Valinda my dear friend :D
I was missing you...
I make a new blog...
How are you?
I will read your blog with more time.
I´m felling today is a great day.
Many hugs and kisses to you.