Friday, October 10, 2008

Missing links

I was taking some time to look back in my archives and checking to see which links aren't working.Here are three of them so far.There are several more and I will try to post the fixed links as I am able.The links in the post aren't fixed if you haven't been able to get these..the links to these three are in this post only.:) If you see a link that isn't working while browsing through the archives..please let me know ..On Blogger..not 4shared I can get it fixed right away.Every link should be working if it hasn't messed up in some way.I don't disable links unless I pull the post and previews.In other words..if you can't get's broke and needs to be fixed.:)

The pages and designs I made in the year 2007 and part way through 2008 are done in 1200x1200 dpi. They do just fine for an 8x8 layout. I have several hundred at that size..and they look great in my albums.:)

If you are are the links to these three.

  • Musical QP

  • Baby Album

  • Bowling QP 3

    Sherry said...

    thank you for correcting the links - when I discover a new blog, I always go through the old posts to download what else they offer.

    Team Kissed said...

    I have been looking high and low for an exceptional layout artist...I think I have found her =)

    please contact me at if you are interested in being part of TeamKissed

    God Bless


    Anonymous said...

    oh this is perfect!! my new DIL played the piano in church at their wedding after the ceremony - colors were light blue and black : ) their photo will look gorgeous in this musical page!!

    thank you so much!
    I have been busy cartaking for family it is hard to get over here and see what you are up to - what a nice surprise!!
    thank you
    and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving