Monday, October 27, 2008

Digitreats Recipe Exchange Box

Here is what I have been doing that has taken a lot of my time lately.LOL
How many of you have gone to Digitreats (link in sidebar) and downloaded the totally cool recipe exchange cards? Well..I did and I have been printing them out on 4"x6" photo paper. I went to the DollarTree and purchased these photo albums for a dollar....which you can remove the front cover paper and replace it with the recipe label cards.How cool is that?!! I didn' t buy them all at once ..cause that would be a little expensive.You can buy them a few at a time if you long as they haven't sold them all to me.hehe Then I went to Big Lots and purchased a box with lid for three dollars.I used digitreats recipe paper and then some odds and ends that I had in my scrapping supplies and covered the box.I printed out the preview for the cards and placed that on the top cover.That shows what's in there.:) Look below!! yeah..down there!!hehe I LOVE it!! It's not the fancy book that is shown on digitreats ..but it works for what I wanted to do with them.:) It can get a little expensive..but you would have spent money on something else you wanted to do..right?LOL I have no idea what I put into it..with the ink etc for the cards..but I enjoyed myself and if I can get some money to buy the ingredients for the recipes..I will have it made!!LOL

Christy and I got Jim off to the airport okay.He was there early in Atlanta and no problems whatsoever on this end.The problem started when he got to Dallas.The bus driver missed picking him up and he was stranded at the airport for a couple of hours or so.The bus driver boogied right past Jim while all the time Jim was waving his arms to stop him.Jim had the drivers cell phone # and called him..but the driver didn't answer his cell phone.So..Jim called the lady who is in charge of making sure everyone made it there okay...and SHE wasn't answering her phone either.Fortunately ..he had the hotels number and he got ahold of someone there who was in training and didn't know what to do about it.LOL She told him..she would come to get him personally if the bus driver didn't do it in another hour.Oh fun..there goes supper with the rest of them.LOL So..the bus driver showed up back at the hotel and then he told Jim he would come get him.He brought Jim back to the hotel and fortunately ..Jim was able to get something to eat.Then he went to the room..took a hot bath cause his back was bothering him from sitting so long waiting for them to come get him.Then he went to bed.Whew! I feel for him cause he has to sit for nine hours a day for the next few days and all that sitting hurts him. He just did get his back ..back into shape some.:( SO..if you all think about it and don't mind..please pray for him.:) Thank you!

By the way..I didn't get a chance to do another doll page and I won't get a chance tomorrow cause my Mom is coming to spend the day with me.:) I will be back when I can.!!



Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda,

This looks like a WONDERFUL project - you're so clever! I love how you adapted it to your way of doing things. Many people will have to be frugal with our economy what it is and this would be a great project.

So sorry for Jim's travel troubles - sigh, even the best made plans go awry. Sounds like all is sorted now, thank goodness!

Thanks for alerting me of your cool project - I may link to it at some point, if thats ok?


well, come to think of it I linked to you today, already LOL!

Helen said...

that is so neat i think i'll do that myself. thanks for the ideas. just stoping in to say hi and see what your up to. helen

Judy said...

What a fantastic idea you did with all those recipes. I got them too but at the moment they're still sitting in the you have given me some inspiration once I sort them. Thankyou.

jill said...

Hi Val, very crafty you are! btw, I chose you as a recipient of the "Blogging Friends Forever" award. See my latest post and pick it up to play along (or not, whatever you'd like).

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!
IT looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Sorry about Jims travel whoas!!!!!
Not much going on here!!!!

Ms Kittie said...

Thank for the idea for Digitreats recipe exchange. I was wondering how I could fix them up for gift for my new daughter-in-law for Christmas. She love new recipes and love to cook for her new hubby, my son. Good thing he love to eat. Don't we all. Have a great day and thanks again.

Kyra said...

Hello Valinda
Great idea for the recipe cards/ I have sooo many recipe that iI once should type them out on cards and sort them properly, but... the will is somewhere there, however, it takes TIME!
Perhaps you should look at my friends site in Texas, she has a forum and club for recipe card making etc. May be you already did, I mentiones it a while ago on my blog.
Glad all finished well for Jim, poor fellow!
Hope you will have a lovely day with your mother.

Kyra said...

Just in case here is the link for the recipe group:

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!
Just letting you know I've another LO up!!!!!! LOL

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh Valinnndaaaaa

There's a lil award waiting for you at my place today....


Digitreats said...

I love what you did with the recipe cards!!!! Fantastic idea! I am so glad you have enjoyed them and had such fun with your project - very inspiring!!!

nancypinct said...

Wonderful way to keep these cards handy! I think you gave me the idea, and I am going to try to make this for my daughter who is a single mom with children 2-1/2 and 3-1/2. She needs all the help she can get, and meals often are a lot of work. These are all tried an true recipies, and some for picky eaters. Thank you for sharing this idea with me!

tajicat said...

Wonderful idea! TFS! :)