Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have been sooo busy this week.You would think I would have had more time since Jim was gone..but that hasn't been the case.Mom came and spent the day Tuesday with me..and yesterday Robby(DS) and family came over in the afternoon to spend the evening with me. Christy has been spending more time with me watching TV or movies etc. I feel sooo loved!!:) Jim calls me in the morning..then when he takes a break for lunch..then after supper and then when he gets back to the hotel..then before bedtime.:) How cool! I love cell phones where you can talk anywhere ..anytime to each other..and it doesn't cost you extra.YAY!!

My dear friend
  • Barb's
  • (Mrs.Miles) DH is having a birthday today and she is celebrating it with a gorgeous kit she is giving away on her blog.Please stop by and wish Mr.Miles a fantastic Bday. It would mean sooo much to her.

    I have received a couple of awards this from my dear friend
  • Jill
  • ..remember her from Stuff by Jill??She has a new blog where she shares pics and tells about the area close to her.... Salem,Oregon.She has some really cool pics and friends that share with her.It's really go take a look.:) The other is from
  • Barb
  • (Mrs.Miles)... She has a blog that is full of inspiration and love for the Lord and her family.She has lots of wonderful Pics to share too and links to share with some really interesting things.You never know what she will show you it is really intriguing.Lately..she has been baking and canning up a storm.Stop by and see for yourself.

    How sweet of both of you to think of me and as soon as I get a chance I will put them up for all to see and pick my choices for the next ones to receive it.I am soo honored...and blessed! Thank you.:)

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Digitreats Recipe Exchange Box

    Here is what I have been doing that has taken a lot of my time lately.LOL
    How many of you have gone to Digitreats (link in sidebar) and downloaded the totally cool recipe exchange cards? Well..I did and I have been printing them out on 4"x6" photo paper. I went to the DollarTree and purchased these photo albums for a dollar....which you can remove the front cover paper and replace it with the recipe label cards.How cool is that?!! I didn' t buy them all at once ..cause that would be a little expensive.You can buy them a few at a time if you long as they haven't sold them all to me.hehe Then I went to Big Lots and purchased a box with lid for three dollars.I used digitreats recipe paper and then some odds and ends that I had in my scrapping supplies and covered the box.I printed out the preview for the cards and placed that on the top cover.That shows what's in there.:) Look below!! yeah..down there!!hehe I LOVE it!! It's not the fancy book that is shown on digitreats ..but it works for what I wanted to do with them.:) It can get a little expensive..but you would have spent money on something else you wanted to do..right?LOL I have no idea what I put into it..with the ink etc for the cards..but I enjoyed myself and if I can get some money to buy the ingredients for the recipes..I will have it made!!LOL

    Christy and I got Jim off to the airport okay.He was there early in Atlanta and no problems whatsoever on this end.The problem started when he got to Dallas.The bus driver missed picking him up and he was stranded at the airport for a couple of hours or so.The bus driver boogied right past Jim while all the time Jim was waving his arms to stop him.Jim had the drivers cell phone # and called him..but the driver didn't answer his cell phone.So..Jim called the lady who is in charge of making sure everyone made it there okay...and SHE wasn't answering her phone either.Fortunately ..he had the hotels number and he got ahold of someone there who was in training and didn't know what to do about it.LOL She told him..she would come to get him personally if the bus driver didn't do it in another hour.Oh fun..there goes supper with the rest of them.LOL So..the bus driver showed up back at the hotel and then he told Jim he would come get him.He brought Jim back to the hotel and fortunately ..Jim was able to get something to eat.Then he went to the room..took a hot bath cause his back was bothering him from sitting so long waiting for them to come get him.Then he went to bed.Whew! I feel for him cause he has to sit for nine hours a day for the next few days and all that sitting hurts him. He just did get his back ..back into shape some.:( SO..if you all think about it and don't mind..please pray for him.:) Thank you!

    By the way..I didn't get a chance to do another doll page and I won't get a chance tomorrow cause my Mom is coming to spend the day with me.:) I will be back when I can.!!


    Friday, October 24, 2008

    Destiny Doll Layout

    Here's my layout that goes with the Qp below.:) Okay..I changed the color of Destiny's shirt.hehe It was an olive green and clashed with the green in this page ..but I love the pic and wanted to use it.:) I could have picked a photo that had her staring straight ahead and smiling...posing for the pic...but I really like those unexpected shots that turn out great!:)

    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    Valjs QP 10-22-08

    Here is the next one for us.Hope you like it!

    I found out what was making my puter so slow.It had two trojan virus's on it.WOW! Twins!!!Hehe. We deleted those and hopefully things will speed up some on it for me.:) That is..if we got them all this time.

    I have been trying to catch up on a few things around the house and making some things for gifts.etc. so..I haven't blogged for a couple of days. Did you think I had forgotten you? :)

    Please read the TOU that comes in the download folder.It asks you to send your friends to my blog to get my stuff and not to upload it to a download site for your friends to get it that way.We work hard on our designs and even those of us who make freebies to know how many scrappers like our stuff.Sometimes it's our only reward for the things we do ..because we don't get comments like we use to either.The downloads tell us how many liked it.Please be considerate! Thank you.:)

    Here is the link:
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  • Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Valjs QP 10-20-08

    Here is the purple one Sharon!!! Hope you like it. I had to figure out how to use this doll in the page.It is sitting down.:) This is one of my favorite ones because it is a musical doll.I have several wind up musical what- nots....knick- knacks..what ever you call them around the house.This doll actually moves as the music is playing.:) I thought I would put the doll on a small table with a frame next to it. Can you call this a "cluster" frame?LOL The doll has a serious look on her face and I thought this pic of Lexi would be a perfect match.:) The doll also is reaching to be picked up or something..but I thought maybe some of you would like to put something in her hands and add some journaling to the page that way???

    About this picture of Lexi.. I have a garden tub in my bathroom and I was doing something at the sink when Lexi got into the tub and asked me to take her pic.LOL She LOVES to have her picture taken and I am more than willing to take it.:)

    Christy is off today and we are headed back to Walmart later.I have to pick up a few sugar free items that the grocery store we have been using lately ..doesn't carry. I think the only sugar free item that they carry is a box of Splenda packets. I know me..if I don't have something sugar free to snack on once in a while..I will be tempted to eat the regular desserts.I have a sweet tooth that needs nourishment and cries out to me if I don't find something soon.LOL That's my big plans for today..what's yours?:)

    Here's the link:
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  • Monday, October 20, 2008

    Another Doll QP :)

    Here is another doll QP.Scroll down to yesterday's post to see a finished layout. I don't know about you ..but I am having a ball with these pages. :) Hang in there Sharon..I see purple coming your way!!!!LOL

    Thank you ALL so much for the fantastic comments you have left for me.It is so encouraging to know you like these pages...and a little encouragement can go a long way.:)

    I wanted to let those of you who may be interested..that my 4shared account is filling up really fast and I am going to have to start removing some of the posts in the archives.Please be sure to grab the ones you want to keep as soon as possible.:)

    I mentioned in yesterday's post what we had planned to do for the day.Well..we did it.hehe Not much more to tell I will get right to the freebie.:)

    Here it is:

  • dwnldlink
  • Sunday, October 19, 2008

    This is my middle Granddaughter Alexis.She was dressed for a program they were doing at school honoring women in the past. I thought this would be the perfect pic for this layout.:) My DIL gave me the pic a while back.I made a couple of pages in my paper scrapping to go along with her program. I am soo glad I can use this pic in this layout now.:)

    I will have this QP up for you tomorrow if all goes well.Jim wants me to go to work with him this morning cause he is training a woman for opening and closing the store and wants to be there to help her before we take the rest of the day off. He also said that his store is having a 50% off of clearance I am gonna look around some. Can you blame me?LOL

    Let me know if you are getting tired of these pages yet.I still have a couple of Victorian dolls and some cute little dolls with cute expressions that I thought I might try. I have some boy dolls we will see what I can come up with for you.:)

    Have a wonderful day!


    Friday, October 17, 2008

    Okay..I used the same pic in the second one.LOL I just wanted to show you what the page looks like finished.:)
    What do you think? Be sweet!!:)

    Valjs QP 10-17-08

    I had a request to make more of these pages.This is another of my beautiful Victorian dolls that I keep on my dresser.Hope you like this page too.:) In case you are wondering what that is in the upper left background.It is an armoire .(tall cabinet). I thought it would help the page look more authentic with something from that period.Okay..don't look too closely.LOL Whew! It was a lot of work.I had it in the folder ready to upload to 4shared..and noticed something I hadn't done.Then ..I fixed that problem only to realize I hadn't taken the background off of the png we go again...then I realized the inside mat for the frame was missing. I hope you like it the way it is..cause right now..that's all you get.LOL

    Thank you ALL so much for the fantastic comments you left me for the last one.I am soo glad you like it.You are most welcome.Enjoy!

    Now...I need to cut my hair and wash it and get presentable before Jim comes home.I hope you have a wonderful weekend...see you on Monday if I come up with something else.:)

    Here's the link:
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  • Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    What to do?? I like them both.LOL This is my great Niece.My Nephew's daughter. If you are one of those who have been following my blog for the last two will remember Katlyn.She is the one I used for my Pretty girl QP layouts. The baby in the pic.:) Anyone remember? If you like the layouts..the freebie QP is in yesterday's post.:) Enjoy!

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate it sooo much.:)

    Jim is off of work today and I think we are gonna work in the yard.It needs some things done before the winter sets in. With his back problems..we got behind.:( He's doing better now ..but I hope he doesn't over do.

    That's pretty much all there is. I just wanted you to see the finished layout.:) You can tell me which one you like the best if you want.:)


    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Valjs QP 10-14-08

    I had another idea today and I hope you love it as much as I do.:) I recently told you that I LOVE Victorian designs...and that I have several Victorian dolls on my dresser.This is one of my favorites.I took a pic of it and extracted it as good as I could. I am not the best extractor..he he..but I think it turned out really nice.:) It was such fun making this one.!!

    This QP is 2400x2400 dpi. It will do an 8"x8" page just fine.:) Now to find the perfect pic for it.hmmm. LOL I always do that..make the page and then see if I have something to go with it.I hope you have something in mind for it....otherwise..I did a lot of work for nothing.hehe

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate it and thank you so much for being understanding about my sporadic blog freebies. It is so much less stressful for me to just do them as I think of them.:)

    I still need to get more links fixed but Jim was off of work Monday..Christy was today and Jim is off again tomorrow...lots to keep me busy lately.:) I will get back to them soon.

    Here is the link if you are interested:

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  • Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Three more links fixed :)

    Here are three more for you.I fixed the links on this post..the links aren't working YET for them on their regular posts.That will be corrected shortly.:) I am soo glad you were able to get the ones from yesterday.Hope you will enjoy them.

    Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate it sooo much.You are most welcome.:)

    I also wanted to thank those of you who have offered a CT position to me.There have been a few of you and I have had to turn you down.:( Mainly ..because I don't want to have an obligation and time limits on the designs I do. I am soo busy just trying to keep up with the things I already have going.It is such an honor to be asked and I thank you so much for offering the position to me.How sweet!:)

    Here are the links in the order from top to bottom:

    Letter to Santa:
  • dwnldlink

  • Swirly Designs:
  • dwnldlink

  • Cloth Swirls:
  • dwnldlink
  • Friday, October 10, 2008

    Missing links

    I was taking some time to look back in my archives and checking to see which links aren't working.Here are three of them so far.There are several more and I will try to post the fixed links as I am able.The links in the post aren't fixed if you haven't been able to get these..the links to these three are in this post only.:) If you see a link that isn't working while browsing through the archives..please let me know ..On Blogger..not 4shared I can get it fixed right away.Every link should be working if it hasn't messed up in some way.I don't disable links unless I pull the post and previews.In other words..if you can't get's broke and needs to be fixed.:)

    The pages and designs I made in the year 2007 and part way through 2008 are done in 1200x1200 dpi. They do just fine for an 8x8 layout. I have several hundred at that size..and they look great in my albums.:)

    If you are are the links to these three.

  • Musical QP

  • Baby Album

  • Bowling QP 3
  • Christy and me at Ga.Aquarium

    Have you ever just been sitting there or walking through the house and an idea for a layout came to your mind? That happened to me.:) I just had to sit down and make it happen.hehe I have been wanting to do a layout with this pic of Christy and me. We were at the Georgia Aquarium and so tired we sat on a bench to rest.Christy held her camera up...facing us and took this pic.I love it! I was tired and sweaty and wearing my reading glasses so I could see to take pics with my own camera when she took it. I thought the idea of seeing the camera in the layout from someone looking through it was a cool idea. :) I am really happy with the way it turned out. I made the background pic of us a little transparent because I wanted the camera and pic inside to be the focal points. I did add a spot light to the background pic to represent the flash. Also..the pic itself was a little dark because the wall behind us was dark too.What do you think..and would you like to have your own camera?hmmmm???LOL

    Yes..I have funny looking teeth.LOL When I lost my second teeth from the middle as a child..they never grew back in. :( That made my third teeth over look pointy. Last month when I tried a new Dentist..she ground the points off of them just enough to make them look better.:) This pic is before all that. In the meantime..I am using a teeth whitening kit to get rid of the tea and coffee stains. I guess I will have great looking teeth one day if I have to get dentures.LOL

    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    Valjs QP 10-8-08

    I thought I would take a few minutes and make another Qp for us. Hope you like it and can use it.:)

    I have been busy reloading programs and transferring files since Jim reformatted my HD the other day.I was hoping things would speed up some for me..but so far I don't see a lot of difference..especially in my paint program.It's slower than slow sometimes and I think I am just gonna have to buckle down and learn PSE (which I have had for a year and a half) .LOL With PI ..I am in my comfort zone...and when I load up's all different...and I get frustrated that I can't make the simplest of things.I go back to PI when that happens.:) Photo Impact 11 has wonderful options but can't handle the larger files very well. It bogs down and you end up praying it doesn't freeze up in the middle of making your page.I have to save my designs often while making them. That is one of the reasons I have cut back on my designing. scanner is acting wierd.It's fairly new and I get little white spots on everything I scan and there isn't any dust on the screen.If I copy(not scan) does if there was dust on the screen..wouldn't that happen when I copied too? I'm puzzled.:( I am so far behind in everything right it may be a while longer before you get any more freebies from me.:) I will pop in from time to time with something for you ..but for now..I need to catch up or quit.LOL
    How many of you have gone to Digitreats and collected the recipe cards? I did and have been printing out the ones I think I will use.There are over 300 of them and soo cute too.:) Scrappers got together and made recipe cards using their favorite recipes.How cool! So far I think the dump cake will be my favorite.I like the idea of just dumping stuff in a pan and cooking it.LOL The link is in my sidebar if you would like to go collect them too.:) You will have to scroll down some.
    Not much more going on right now.I still have more things to do on my puter to get it back to where it was...hopefully without the problems.LOL

    Here is the link:

  • dwnldlink
  • Saturday, October 04, 2008

    Valjs Chipboard Tutorial

    You may already know how to do this and if so..Fantastic! There may be some of you who don't and would like to know how I did I wrote the instructions down.I don't have pics of each step..cause Jim had to reformat my puter and I am soo busy getting it back into shape and putting files where I want them etc. If there is something you don't understand..please let me know and I will try to make it more clear for you.:)

    Here is the way I did this..using Photo Impact 11.

    The paint program I use.If you are familiar with

    your paint program you will understand these

    instructions and find the options on your programs

    and figure out how to do it.

    1.Make an object in your paint program and duplicate

    it.Resize the "duplicate" to make it a little smaller

    than the original.Fill the "original" object with a

    light beige color or off white.

    2.Beginning with the original object..make your

    object active..then go to the buttons option in your

    paint program and choose a bevel that will be rounded

    enough to look like chipboard.You may need to play

    with it until it looks the way you like..then apply

    it to your object.Then go to the "texture" selection

    in your air brush or paint brush.Choose a texture you

    prefer that will make the edges look as close to

    chipboard texture as you can.Using a little darker

    color..paint the edges with that one.You are done

    with the first layer.

    3.Now to the "Duplicate" ..slightly smaller layer to

    work on.

    4.Make your obiect active.Go to the "type" option

    under "Text/Path Effects" and choose "Seal".You will

    see several options.I chose number 7 for this

    one.Apply the one you choose to the object and you

    will see rough edges and some tiny holes.
    5.Choose the background paper you are wanting to use

    for the final product and "fill" this object with

    6.Place the smaller finished object in front of the

    larger "original"(chipboard) object and adjust it to

    fit in the center.(do not add shadow to this one)

    Merge the two objects into a single object.You are

    done.All you need to do is add a shadow to the final

    object when you place it on your pages.

    Hope this was a little clearer than mud.LOL

    Have fun making them and please let me know how they

    turned out.:)


    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    I got an Award!! :)

    I got an Award from my friend
  • Helen
  • . How sweet! Thank you sooo much Helen for thinking of me.I am so honored that you would add me to your list of blogs that you love.:)

    Now, the rules state that

    1. The winner can put the logo on her blog
    2. Link the person you received your award from.
    3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
    4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
    5. Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated.

    Here are the ones I am choosing for my seven.Again in alpha order:)I have more friends who's blogs I my sidebar.:)
  • Barb

  • Deb

  • Lori

  • Kyra

  • LindaW

  • Marlene

  • Melissa