Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Robby's Birthday Layout

This is a LO I made this evening after going to Shogun's this afternoon. It's a Japanese Restaurant in town.Today is Robby's ( My youngest son) 29th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBY! I would have gotten on here to post something earlier..but I barely had time to breathe all day. Christy(DD) was off today and we met Robby and Liz (his wife)...and her sister and my Mom at the restaurant at eleven thirty this morning. Then Christy and I went shopping and got home..after four.P.M. Robby had invited us to his house this evening at six...for an ice cream cake and to watch him open the presents we all got him.Jim(DH) and my sister and her Dh came too.It was really nice to have everyone there.Next year at this time..all my kids will be in their thirties.Wow..where has all the time gone?:) I know we all say that as we watch our kids grow...but I really want to know.LOL

This chef was soo cool!! When we didn't get a good pic of the fire the first time.He cleaned it all up and redid it so we could get another pic.I am really happy with the way it turned out.:) The red napkin with the umbrella on Robby's head was the birthday hat they made...and then they served him fried ice cream. hehe. How cute!

Oh..I wanted to know how you like my photo corners? I didn't want to put frames around the pics and I really like the clear photo corners even in my paper scrapping.:) Click on the pic for a closer look.:)

I hope you had a wonderful B-day Robby.I LOVE you!


Kyra said...

Hi Valinda,
Sounds you all had a terrific day! I like the birthday hat from Robby. He looks a bit Like a gnome we know here, called David the gnome. Only in a younger version. LOL. I do like your layout with all the pictures together. And colour to them is going fine. Good job, lady!!
Have a nice day, huggie,

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Love the photo corners & LO!!!!!!!!!!!!!