Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy Birthday To my Son!

Thirty four years ago today..I delivered my first born. We named him after his Dad and Grandpa.He has the number III behind his name...since my FIL is the first.:) There are five members of their family that are named James. Jim's sister married a man who's name was James.Then they had their first born and named him after his Dad. It could be confusing..but we have different nick names for them all. Jim's Dad..of course is James...then Jim is Jim...our son is Jimmy...Jim's sister's husband is nicknamed Jimbo..and his son is Jamie.LOL I called my DH ..Jimmy up until we had our son.:)

I just want to wish Jimmy a fantastic Birthday and a whole lot more.:) I'd give him a pinch to grow an inch..but he's already a head taller than me and I am probably about five nine now.LOL Plus..I would have to catch him.hehe

Happy Birthday Jimmy! We love you dearly!

Mom and Dad
X's & O's


Robbi1 said...

Awww, hope your Jimmy has a wonderful Birthday. My first born was born 44 years ago the where is time going, they are getting older, not us!
Her name is Roberta (same as mine) but we call her Bobbi much easier!
Sometimes wonder why we did that...Her Husband is Rick and all their kids names start with R also (RickJr,Rayna,Robert,Rachael,Ruth and Rozalyn) LOL
Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by to see me too! Hugs Robbi

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Mrs. Miles said...

Happy Birthday to your Son, Valinda - you must be wondering what the heck happened to the little boy who used to be in his place - LOL - seems at one point that they will never grow up, then in a twinkling, they're off on their own, then they are parents of their own! Whew!

I used to know a family of Johnson's and their names were all J's too, Jamie, Jesse and then was the Zachall family with Zebede, Zita and so forth...

In my own family there was a Bob Bill, Barry and Barbara! (there were others, but not with B's)

Thanks for sharing and I'll be back!


xashee's corner said...

Happiest Birthday to your first born son, Jimmy!!
we are not getting older, we are getting better! ;) hope you have a GREAT weekend!!