Thursday, September 11, 2008

Celine Deon'Tribute to Heroes 2001

I remember getting up seven years ago today and doing my normal morning routine.Listen to the news while straightening the house.My normal day wasn't anywhere near normal after that.:( Such sorrow and indignation came to me at the news of what the terrorists had done to ..not only our country but to all those that were represented in the World Trade Center.It was unimaginable that a group of evil individuals could do this in our great nation.The United States of America. Didn't they understand that doing something like that would only embolden us to Unite even tighter in our quest to put an end to such tyranny? When people unite as ONE...there is no telling what they can do.
God has always been in control and will always be in control.We as his people should unite in our desire to keep him as the ruler of our nation.What better weapon would we have... but the love of God for his children? He has always protected his own when they trust in him and put him above everything else.You can look at the Israelites in the Old Testament and see how they were blessed when they trusted him but when they turned their backs on him..God didn't bless them..any more than we would reward our own children for doing bad things.You reward them when they do something good.Right? The whole theme then was to TRUST him.He is for you and not against you. I have a saying that goes like this....The more I put my trust in the Lord...the more he proves ..he can be trusted.:)In other words..I put my trust in him and he rewards me with his watch care for me.I am not saying that bad things don't happen to us..but when they do..we have a comfort that comes from him..knowing it all is working together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose.:)
Example...the day we were attacked so mercilessly by the terrorists.That was an evil thing that also showed us our vulnerabilities.Some of you may be totally against President Bush..but I for one am so thankful that he corrected those vulnerabilities and we haven't had another attack on our country since then.I am not saying every decision he makes is the correct one...I am just far ..we have been kept safe.:)I just hope the next President we have ..will be determined to put our safety first...and not negotiate with the terrorists.You don't negotiate with a person who breaks into your home and kills your family and blows your house up...and expect them keep their word not to do it stupid is that? After all..there are still survivors! They want to eliminate the WHOLE family.They WILL be back!


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Mrs. Miles said...

I could not agree with you more, Valinda. The 911 tragedy struck fear into every one of us, but galvanized us to DO something. I am lifting all the families in prayer.

Thank you for sharing with us.

I'm just heading out for a walk with Miles - I'll be back!

Thx for your visit, you gave me a happy moment on a sad day of remembering my mom!

love, Barb