Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Robby's Birthday Layout

This is a LO I made this evening after going to Shogun's this afternoon. It's a Japanese Restaurant in town.Today is Robby's ( My youngest son) 29th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBY! I would have gotten on here to post something earlier..but I barely had time to breathe all day. Christy(DD) was off today and we met Robby and Liz (his wife)...and her sister and my Mom at the restaurant at eleven thirty this morning. Then Christy and I went shopping and got home..after four.P.M. Robby had invited us to his house this evening at six...for an ice cream cake and to watch him open the presents we all got him.Jim(DH) and my sister and her Dh came too.It was really nice to have everyone there.Next year at this time..all my kids will be in their thirties.Wow..where has all the time gone?:) I know we all say that as we watch our kids grow...but I really want to know.LOL

This chef was soo cool!! When we didn't get a good pic of the fire the first time.He cleaned it all up and redid it so we could get another pic.I am really happy with the way it turned out.:) The red napkin with the umbrella on Robby's head was the birthday hat they made...and then they served him fried ice cream. hehe. How cute!

Oh..I wanted to know how you like my photo corners? I didn't want to put frames around the pics and I really like the clear photo corners even in my paper scrapping.:) Click on the pic for a closer look.:)

I hope you had a wonderful B-day Robby.I LOVE you!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Valjs Autumn Frame

Here's a frame I made using my Fall background paper from a couple of posts back. Hope you like it and can use it.:) The background paper is only there to show off the frame.It's not in the file.:)Be sure to click on the preview for a closer look.!

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you left for me yesterday.You are sooo sweet! I really do appreciate your taking the time to do that.You are most welcome!Enjoy!

Jim is off of work today but we don't have a thing planned. With the gas situation going on here in Georgia...we don't go much of anywhere unless it is necessary. Jimmy had to sit in line three times this last week to get gas.Twice for himself and once for Jim.That..after we called around to see who had some.Most of the replies were.."We don't have any". I called Racetrac the other day and they said they had some right now but not sure how long they would have any.I got Christy and Jimmy on the ball and they took their cars up and filled their tanks up and then I had Jimmy go to Jim's work and pick his truck up and go fill it up for him cause he couldn't get away from work..cause he is the Manager.Jimmy was able to get Jim's truck filled up too.So...we are good to go this week.To work and back anyway.LOL You learn to conserve your gas this way.Pick things up that you need while you are out etc. Deciding if you really need that loaf of bread right now..or if it can wait until one of you go back out.:) Sure makes you appreciate lifes little pleasures.!!

If you would like to use this one...

Here is the link:

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  • Sunday, September 28, 2008

    In Christ Alone

    Here's another of my favorites:)

    Valjs Faith Hope Love frames+Wordart

    Here are three frames and a wordart that I made for us.I think they speak for themselves.:)Hope you like them. The background paper is not included.:) Click on preview for a closer look.This small preview doesn't do them justice.

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I sure appreciate it.You are most welcome.:) Enjoy!

    Not a whole lot going on today...so I will get right to the freebie.:)

    Here it is:
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  • Saturday, September 27, 2008

    Valjs Fall Papers Plain+Grungy

    I thought some of you may like to have these Fall background papers.I made one Plain so you can add your own textures or favorite grungy effects to it and one Grungy for those of you who like "grunge" but don't know how to do it.:) Hope you like these and can use them.!

    Thank you ALL soo much for the wonderful comments you left me for my Fall QP.I am soo glad you like it.You are more than welcome.:) Enjoy!

    I can't believe it has been almost a week since I last posted. I just needed some time to catch up on things since Jim and I were sick.Jim's back is still bothering him some and we are still trying to get over our colds.We are better..but not completely well yet. I spent one day organizing my son's bedroom.It's small and gets cluttered easily.He now has a place for everything.My next task is to get him to put things where they belong.hehe I admit some of it isn't his fault.My Grand daughters play in that room when they come over cause he has his computer and Playstation in there.Plus a small TV and VCR. We put some toys in there too.( His XBox 360 is in the livingroom.) It's really a nice feeling to get things organized..isn't it?:) Robby and family came over yesterday evening and the girls played in Jimmy's room and when it came to clean up time..they knew exactly where the toys were to go cause I had designated containers for them.Clean up was a breeze.YAY! :)

    Not much else going on at the moment.So..I will get right to the freebie.:)

    Here is the link:

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  • Sunday, September 21, 2008

    Valjs Fall QP

    I know there are a LOT of fall pages out there right now..but I just had to try my hand at one too.I LOVE the way this one turned out.:) Would you believe I got a bunch of fall leaves from the Dollar Tree and took a pic of them..and this is the result?LOL I took the pic of the bunch..I used the bunch in the bottom right and upper right of the page and then took off individual leaves from that pic and placed them where I needed them.It was a lot of work..but fun too.:) I used one of my papers for the circle background and a pic of acorns for the far background. The Acorns on the bottom left...Christy picked up while taking our dog Freedom for a walk yesterday morning.:) I hope you like it as much as I do.!! BTW..it's a 2400x2400 QP. It will do an 8"x8" just fine.:) That is the size I do...so that is the size you get.That solves all the size problems anyone may have.KWIM? :)

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really appreciate your taking the time to do that..I read every one of them on here and 4shared. Makes my day!:)

    I am feeling a lot better this morning.Not completely over the cold but sure am glad that sore throat has hit the road.:) I had a headache last night and the last couple of nights..Jim said that is part of the cold.He said he did too. Sure am glad you can't pass it on by blogging.LOL

    I hope you ALL have a wonderful day!

    Here's the link:
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  • Friday, September 19, 2008

    Valjs QP 9-18-08

    I liked yesterday's QP soo much that I made another one using the same designs.:) Actually..I like today's even better.:) Hope you like this one too!

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you leave for me.I really do appreciate your taking the time to do that. You are most welcome!

    Jim and I share everything..and sometimes I wish we didn't. He gave me his bug.:( I started getting a sore throat night before last and woke up yesterday feeling really rough.I spent most of the day in my bed either sleeping or watching TV. This morning I'm not any better..cause I tossed and turned and coughed off and on all night. Today will most likely be a repeat of yesterday. Sooo I will get right to the freebie...

    Here it is:
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  • Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Valjs QP 9-17-08

    Okay..this is different than I normally do...but I LOVE it! Yes the background is tiled just the way I wanted it.hehe. I worked hard to get the airbrushed effect the way I wanted it.:) I love most anything Victorian. I have Porcelain dolls on my dresser..about seven or eight..I even have a modern Victrola (record player) with the horn speaker.I say modern..cause it has a radio and CD player built into it.LOL The CD drawer is well hidden so it doesn't spoil the looks. :) I will have to take pics of it to show you.:) Anyway..I just thought some of you may like this one too and want to add it to your collection.Hope you like it.:)

    Thank you ALL soo much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate it and I am so glad you like my stuff.:) You are most welcome! Enjoy!

    Jim is still recovering from his back hurting.He called his District Mgr. today and she told him to take tomorrow off too.They rescheduled his trip to Dallas for next month..cause he just can't sit for eight to nine hours a day for a week of meetings this next week.YAY! We were both concerned about that. Thank you ALL soo much for your prayers! We are most grateful.:) Thank you Lord!

    If you like this page..

    Here is the link:
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  • Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Valjs Varigated Filmstrips

    Here are some filmstrips I made this morning. The preview only shows eight of the twelve that are in the pack. Hope you like them.:) There are three dwnlds.One is for png and the other two are psds. I had to separate the psd files cause they were huge! I use to do my elements a LOT smaller and they didn't take a minute to upload or dwnld. Times have changed and I guess so have I. As best I could anyway.:) My paint program is slow with the larger files. I don't know what kind of puters or graphic cards you have in order to do the size files I see around...but they must be fantastic..or you have very good patience.LOL

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you leave for me.I really do appreciate your taking the time to do that.You are most welcome.:)

    I know I told you I might not be back for a few days..but..I woke up early this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. So....I played.LOL Jim is still trying to recover from his back hurting.He says it will suddenly go into a spasm.OW! :( Hope he gets better real soon cause he is suppose to go on a trip for a week this month and this month is almost over. He has to go to a Manager's Seminar once a year to catch up on all the new stuff. Not sure if they will cancel it cause of Hurricane Ike. His meetings are held just north of Dallas,Tx. There are so many displaced people...that I am not sure they need added ones showing up to learn pretty much what they know already. I'll let you know what happens.:)

    I found out when Barb's (Mrs.Miles) Bday is. It was yesterday! She was pretty secretive about it too. I just did get in on time to wish her a Happy Birthday.:) Mr.Miles hacked her blog and had everyone wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. How sweet is that??? Hope you had a wonderful day Barb! This is the big one ..Martha!!LOL ( from Fred Sanford) hehe Her link is in my sidebar if you would like to run over to her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday too.:)

    Here are the links to the freebie:
    Png files:

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  • Psd files:

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  • Pt.2
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  • Monday, September 15, 2008

    Valjs Grungy Floral QP

    Here is another Grungy QP. I used the background paper from the Serenity Prayer Page a few posts back and just grunged it up some. Then I used two of the papers in my Grungy Paper Pack. One for the bottom right background paper and another for the ribbons and bow.:) I used my "Doodles" from ....way....back..in the archives..for the swirlies.:) Hope you like it.! If you would like to have the grungy paper from the background..let me know.:)

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I am so glad you like the cluster and paper and can use them. You are most welcome!:)

    Jim's back has been bothering him the last week and he caught a cold and his back has finally had enough.He is really sore.:( He could barely get out of his chair yesterday evening. He is doing slightly better after resting it some yesterday. His regular days off this week are today and Wednesday..and he just called work to tell them that he is taking a personal day off tomorrow. Every time he has to cough..it hurts his back.:( Poor guy! I have been there and done that before and didn't like it one bit.!! If I don't get back on here for a couple of days..you will know why.:)

    Here is the link:

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  • Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Valjs Rose Paper 4

    Here is the Rose Paper from the QP I made a couple of posts back. I would love to see what you do with it if you use it.:) It has a slight cloth texture to it.(click on preview for a closer look).:) Hope you like it.!

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I read them all and really do appreciate your taking the time to do that. You are most welcome!:)

    I am soo glad that Hurricane Ike didn't do as much damage as they said it would do. He did plenty though!! It will take a long time to rebuild and clean up the mess it left behind..so let's "please" continue to pray for those who are affected by it. It has to be so hard to walk away from everything you have worked so hard for and just leave it behind...hoping it will still be there when you get back. :(

    I don't have much going on today.Christy is off of work and I am not sure if she wants to do anything or not.Jim has to work this afternoon and close the store this evening.
    I have been cleaning our office .Wow..with the two of us sharing it ..we sure can make a mess.LOL Jim has his desk and I have mine.We share the cabinets and drawers etc. Jim started out years and years ago with computer stuff.Back when the kids were little.His first computer used cassette tapes instead of the CD disks we have now.LOL He has collected soo much stuff in the more than twenty years since he first discovered his hobby.:) Christmas and Bdays are easy for us when it comes to what to get him.:) He can take a puter apart and put it back together like a professional now. When Christy wanted a new puter..we went to Micro Center and she bought all the parts for one..and Jim put it together for her. She actually saved a couple of hundred dollars or more doing it that way.:) Good ole Dad! hehe So...anyway..the reason I said all this is...there is a lot of "stuff" that I have been trying to find room for..and believe me..it isn't an easy task.LOL

    Here is the link:
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  • Saturday, September 13, 2008

    Valjs Photo Cluster

    Here's the Photo Cluster from yesterday's QP.:) It already has the shadows added to it so all you have to do is... find a background paper that you love and put this on it and place your photo behind it...add some word art and recolorize the rose if necessary... if you know how to do that.:) Hope you like it!

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate your taking the time to do that.You are most welcome!

    I plan to share the Background paper from yesterday's Qp tomorrow.Be sure to stop back by if you are interested in adding it to your collection.:)

    Please continue to pray for those who are affected by hurricane Ike. It's gonna take a while for them to get back to life as usual.:( I have been watching the news and they are showing the damage done so far ..and the storm isn't over yet! I think I would have planned a vacation to some of my relatives somewhere safe about a week ago.! :)

    Here's the link:
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  • Friday, September 12, 2008

    Valjs QP 9-12-08

    Here is a QP I made this morning trying out a photo cluster.:) Hope you like it! Tomorrow ...if all goes well..I will offer the cluster to you. You can recolorize the rose if you know how.:) If you would like the background paper too..let me know.:)

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you leave for me.I am sooo glad you like my stuff.:) You are most welcome!

    I spent a quiet day yesterday cleaning the house...and my refrigerator while listening to the news.I have been cleaning the drawers out and organizing them again.With four adults here..it doesn't take long for them to get cluttered.:)

    Please pray for those who are in the path of Hurricane Ike. It is such a huge storm and already causing flooding.:( My prayers are with you ALL!

    Here's the freebie::
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  • Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Celine Deon'Tribute to Heroes 2001

    I remember getting up seven years ago today and doing my normal morning routine.Listen to the news while straightening the house.My normal day wasn't anywhere near normal after that.:( Such sorrow and indignation came to me at the news of what the terrorists had done to ..not only our country but to all those that were represented in the World Trade Center.It was unimaginable that a group of evil individuals could do this in our great nation.The United States of America. Didn't they understand that doing something like that would only embolden us to Unite even tighter in our quest to put an end to such tyranny? When people unite as ONE...there is no telling what they can do.
    God has always been in control and will always be in control.We as his people should unite in our desire to keep him as the ruler of our nation.What better weapon would we have... but the love of God for his children? He has always protected his own when they trust in him and put him above everything else.You can look at the Israelites in the Old Testament and see how they were blessed when they trusted him but when they turned their backs on him..God didn't bless them..any more than we would reward our own children for doing bad things.You reward them when they do something good.Right? The whole theme then was to TRUST him.He is for you and not against you. I have a saying that goes like this....The more I put my trust in the Lord...the more he proves ..he can be trusted.:)In other words..I put my trust in him and he rewards me with his watch care for me.I am not saying that bad things don't happen to us..but when they do..we have a comfort that comes from him..knowing it all is working together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose.:)
    Example...the day we were attacked so mercilessly by the terrorists.That was an evil thing that happened.But..it also showed us our vulnerabilities.Some of you may be totally against President Bush..but I for one am so thankful that he corrected those vulnerabilities and we haven't had another attack on our country since then.I am not saying every decision he makes is the correct one...I am just glad..so far ..we have been kept safe.:)I just hope the next President we have ..will be determined to put our safety first...and not negotiate with the terrorists.You don't negotiate with a person who breaks into your home and kills your family and blows your house up...and expect them keep their word not to do it again...how stupid is that? After all..there are still survivors! They want to eliminate the WHOLE family.They WILL be back!


    Tuesday, September 09, 2008

    Valjs QP 9-7-08

    Here is a simple QP I made the other day. I love the way the filmstrip turned out. The background paper is from yesterday's paper pack. There's plenty of room on this one for some fancy wordart or added elements.:) Hope you like it and can use it.!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate your taking the time to do that.You are most welcome!
    Not much going on today.Christy is off of work and we will play it by ear.:)
    Have a wonderful day!
    Here is the link:
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  • Monday, September 08, 2008

    Valjs Grungy Paper Pack

    I made a few papers the other day and they basically are the same designs from the last two posts...just different colors. I made them "2400x2400". If you scroll down to Jimmy's Birthday page..I used one of these in that page. Then scroll down to the Grungy QP below that and that background paper is in this pack too. There are eleven papers showing here but seventeen are in the pack.I used one of the crumpled cloth papers in the Grungy QP too.The one that is cut in zig zag.:) Hope you like them.:)

    Thank you ALL sooo much for your Birthday wishes for Jimmy! How sweet! I appreciate it sooo much and will show them to him when he wakes up.:) Thank you also for the wonderful comments you have left me for the Grungy QP.I was hoping you would like it.:)

    It's been a quiet weekend for us here at the home front.:) Jim has had to work all weekend and I spent the days cleaning the house or blogging.Yesterday I listened to the book of Romans while cleaning the house.Christy got me the New Testament on CD a couple of Christmas's ago. I love it! I know it is hard sometimes to find the time to sit and read the bible. Life is soo busy. This is a wonderful way to get the word into you. Plus..someone else can pronounce the hard words for you.LOL Jim got me the whole bible on a small portable player.I need earphones to listen to it.I open my bible to the book that the man is reading from and sit and follow along and let him read it to me. Have you tried to pronounce the names etc in the Old Testament? I like letting this man do that for me.:) When my Mom had her exercise bike she would put her tapes of the bible on and listen while riding it.How about during that quiet time you are relaxing in the bath..or when you are getting ready for work in the morning ..curling your hair etc?I'm not trying to tell you not to spend that personal time with the Lord.Just if you are wanting to keep the word in your memory..this is a good way to do it.:)Personal time with the Lord is sooo important!! I guess what I am trying to say is...there are other ways to be able to keep in the word. We just have to make the time to listen.:)

    Here is the link:

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  • Saturday, September 06, 2008

    Happy Birthday To my Son!

    Thirty four years ago today..I delivered my first born. We named him after his Dad and Grandpa.He has the number III behind his name...since my FIL is the first.:) There are five members of their family that are named James. Jim's sister married a man who's name was James.Then they had their first born and named him after his Dad. It could be confusing..but we have different nick names for them all. Jim's Dad..of course is James...then Jim is Jim...our son is Jimmy...Jim's sister's husband is nicknamed Jimbo..and his son is Jamie.LOL I called my DH ..Jimmy up until we had our son.:)

    I just want to wish Jimmy a fantastic Birthday and a whole lot more.:) I'd give him a pinch to grow an inch..but he's already a head taller than me and I am probably about five nine now.LOL Plus..I would have to catch him.hehe

    Happy Birthday Jimmy! We love you dearly!

    Mom and Dad
    X's & O's

    Valjs Grungy QP

    I thought I would try my hand at grunge and see what happens. This is the result. I figured it was time to make some pages for the guys in our lives.:) There's a grungy cloth background paper,a piece of cloth cut with zig zag scissors ...squiggly wire that is held in place with a few stitches...a brad and some strips of grunge paper,one being held in place with stitches...wooden frame with a cloth ribbon wrapped around it and a chipboard star. Hope you like it!

    Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate your taking the time to do that.You are most welcome.:)

    Please pray for those who have been affected by the storms that have been hitting our shores. My in laws and brother and his family live in Florida and with Ike coming..well...you know.:) I know I don't have the only family there..so let's pray for the safety of everyone that is in Ike's and Hanna's path.Okay?

    Not much happening here now..so will get right to the freebie.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Here is the link...let me know what you think.LOL
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  • Thursday, September 04, 2008

    Valjs Rose QP 9-3-08

    I'm baaack!!LOL I have had a really busy week this week.No time to design until yesterday evening and I just finished this Qp this morning.Hope you like it! Maybe I should have called it.."ALL the colors of the rainbow"...cause it sure is full of color.:) I thought I had better get this one up here before all the designers start putting up fall colors. I see they have already started.:)

    I love fall.Sweater weather!!:) With menapause and hot flashes..maybe I won't even need a sweater this year.LOL Yes..I am fifty four..going through menapause and NOT LIKING IT ONE BIT!! hehe Please tell me I will survive it!:) Let's just say....I am sooo glad Jim loves me.!! Poor guy has to put up with my mood changes ..hot flashes...cold chills..etc. I told him..no wonder in the Old Testament of the bible....they separated the women from the camp for two weeks each month and put them in a tent to themselves.LORL I know I am not alone and there are lots of my scrapping friends who are in that tent with me.hehe You younger women think you have PMS...well you ain't seen nothing yet! I read an article the other day that said there are over thirty side effects to Menapause. Pray for me! Oh ..and for Jim too!LOL

    Here's the freebie:
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  • Monday, September 01, 2008

    I got an Award!!:)

    I got another award !!! It's from my dear friend Kyra. I am so honored to receive this from her. Thank you so much Kyra for thinking of me. You made my day! :)
    If you haven't been to see Kyra and read her blog then you need to go see what she has to say and then start to collect her wonderful freebie kits.Be sure to thank her for all of her hard work.:)
    You are suppose to post four blogs that you think deserve this award and it's always nice to mention the person who gave it to you too.:)

    I always like to give the award to the person who sent it to me to begin with.If they thought enough of me to honor me with it..then they are tops in my book.:)

    There are so many scrappers I could choose from but since I am only allowed four..then...

    Here are the ones that I am passing this award to:

    First is back to
  • Kyra
  • . I have come to know her more each day from reading her blog and seeing the wonderful emails she sends to me. She is a really sweet person...and you should get aquanted with her...if you aren't already.

    I am gonna do the rest in alphabetical order..cause I just can't place one above the other.:)

  • Barb
  • (Mrs.Miles)... has always been there for me.Through thick and thin. If you need someone to lift you up in prayer..she's the one! She has a wonderful blog and something new to encourage you in your walk with the Lord...almost every day. If you haven't visited Barb..then you are really missing out on a blessing.:) She is a dear and trusted friend and I am soo glad she entered into my life.!

  • Cintia
  • is another of my dear trusted friends.I have known Cintia almost ever since I started blogging..maybe even before I had my own blog.:) She is a really sweet person who is sooo generous and kind. I have been blessed by knowing her and seeing into her heart!:)

  • Renae
  • ..is a dear trusted friend of mine.I met Renae on her blog last year(or was it the year before?) How time flies!! We started emailing each other and I am soo blessed to know her.She is soo sweet.!! If you haven't gotten to know her..then now is the time.:)

  • Sharon
  • (scrapcat4914) is another of my trusted friends.I can count on her to bring a smile to my face almost every day.She is probably my most regular visitor ..here on my blog. We have become dear friends while blogging back and forth.If she doesn't come to see me ..I worry about her.LOL If you don't believe me..go look in her comment sections.hehe

    Thank you ALL for being my friends!