Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pics at Georgia Aquarium

Here is a pic of a stingray.I took the pic through a small window just before the tunnel.

Here is just one pic of the tunnel.There is an area on the floor where you can stand on a conveyer belt thingy and it slowly moves you through the tunnel and you don't have to walk looking up and running into each other.LOL You can step off and stay there as long as you would like.I have more pics from in here that I will show you later.I have a Dentist appt. in the morning so I am not sure I will have time to get them up tomorrow. But stay tuned.hehe

This is a swordfish and a whale shark.There is an area just before the huge aquarium where there is a a small room and you go into it ..look up through a round window and you can see the fish swimming overhead.

This is a HUGE aquarium.The fish really are BIG too.They swim right up next to the glass and you can see them up close.:)

I wanted to tell you about this HUGE aquarium.Probably my favorite place besides the tunnel.:) It is 63 ft long and 27ft high.The glass or acrylic wall is 2 ft thick. It holds 6,300,000 gallons of artificial sea water. Look at the size of it compared to the people standing and sitting in front of it.Do you see the sides? No...hehe Now that's a big aquarium.!! The room was packed full of people just sitting or standing and watching the fish,whale sharks,sword fish,stingrays,hammer head sharks...etc.
Jim and I are taking today off and just relaxing.We have been going and going since Wednesday(his first day of vacation and the day we went to the Aquarium) and we are both ready to stop going and going for today.:)
I hope you enjoy these pics and if you would like to use them for your "personal" scrapbooking...feel free to click on the pic and then right click and save. The pics haven't been doctored or edited..they are as they came out of my camera.:)


justrenae said...

Oh Val, I must go there!!! Especially since it is so close to me!! I may wait until Zoey gets a little older so that she may appreciate it more. Your pictures are just beautiful!!!!!

When I do come to Georgia I'm going to let you know so maybe we can meet face to face!

Love and hugs! Renae

justrenae said...

Oh Val, I have changed a whole lot since my profile pic from 2 years ago....When we meet, we will just keep it to ourselves LOL.

Hugs, Renae

Tammy Dunlap said...

Awesome photos!