Saturday, August 16, 2008

My New Glasses :)

Okay...this is a new experience for me.I really don't like to have my picture taken cause I am never happy with my looks and believe me..the older I get ..the less I like them.LOL Talk about over the hill goes down fast.My profile pic was from last August 1st. No lie!LOL Told you I was 54 and over weight...hehe but....I wanted to show you the new glasses I got today . Yes...that is really the color of my eyes...a grayish color..sometimes a little green mixes in according to what I wear.:) It took us a while to find a pair of glasses I was happy with though...cause they told me I needed a larger lense since I needed bifocals. I know they make the ones that are progressive but they told me since I get motion sickness real easily..that it wouldn't be a good idea. Jim said he got sickish when he first got his progressive trifocals and said I definitely wouldn't be able to adjust to them cause..he never gets sick and it was really hard for him to get use to his new glasses. When I say I get motion sickness..I mean if you move the screen around..I get nauseated. No..I do not play action video games.:) I think it has something to do with my equalibrium.When Jim and I were dating as teenagers we went to the fair one night and I rode in one of those rides where you stand up and it goes around real fast in a circle.Well..I was sick for three weeks after that and lost twenty pounds and three weeks of school too. Ever since then..I have had this problem. My joy of riding rides ended that night.:) I love watching others ride them though.hehe I can play some computer games if the screen stays put and there isn't a lot of movement to it.Good old solitaire...JK ....I love word games and puzzles etc...just don't move the pieces too fast.hehe
Anyway... this is it or not.:) Be kind!!LOL


Christy said...

you're beautiful..and anything that enhances your beautiful eyes is only going to make you more beautiful :). Love you,

Robbi1 said...

Gosh Val, I agree with Christy. Your glasses are great and you do have beautiful eyes (and wow, what a gorgeous complection you have - you are so lucky) Beautiful photos and dont you dare say you look old! Humm, maybe thats why I get woosey...I have the blended trifocals, but Ive had them for 5 years and they still dont work like I need them too, lol...Need a new check up and something a little better for scrapping. Hugs and take care now - ya look great!

Robbi1 said...

P.S. - Yep, I saw that pic on Michaele's blog too.....kinda cute isnt he, lol - not much of a bathing suit/or trunks....we have been following it very closely - 1 more week :) Horray for Michael, hope he goes further :) Thanks for stopping by - I need to update the blog soon! Hugs

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

LOVE your new glasses!!!!!!!!!!
I've the No Line Bifocals & than a pair with lines which I rarely wea!!

justrenae said...

You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL both inside and out!!!! I love the new glasses! I understand the picture thing. My profile picture is 2 years old. It is one of the last pictures of me that I really liked! I think due to stress I have aged a lot over the past two years! The medication I was put on due to the stress has stopped a hyperactive metabolism to one (if still even there) that is overly slow!

Poor Zoey will have very few pictures of me with her.

Hugs and love sweet Valinda!!!


Anonymous said...

Val! Love your new glasses - and don't be so hard on yourself - take a good look! I agree with Christy also - you have beautiful eyes - your skin is flawless - the glasses are like jewelry...they enhance you!
My eyes are the same color and I am am also over weight - trying, but no luck - you are very pretty : )
hmm...our eye color is unique and are the same, does that make us sisters?? nah, maybe not, you are so talented, I am a little slow in that department...
I admire your talent : )

Julie said...

You are beautiful! I've been downloading some of your great work today and trying to decide where to post my thank you and of course, this is the place! I like your glasses and it's so nice to have that picture in my head now of the great designer whose work I adore!