Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My dear friend ...
  • Mrs.Miles
  • ..alias Olivia Dorazio ..hehe ..has done it again.She has made a part 2 to her COOL junkyard garden kit and she is selling it in her store this week.This preview is only part of the kit.She has the rest of the previews at her place.:) She also has several beautiful QP's she is giving away on her blog as the week goes by...so be sure to stop back in to make sure you get them all. Please leave her a wonderful comment too.:)

    Here is a "3600x3600" full page QP I made yesterday from my dear friend
    beautiful kit.."The Humid South".She has so many pretty elements and embellishments in this kit. After you grab this Qp..be sure to go see her and start collecting her gorgeous work.She has beautiful rectangle templates and you should really see her Gorgeous layouts she does with them.:) Oh..and be sure to tell her thank you for sharing.She also has a few other COOL kits she is giving away on her blog for free.You will want to grab those too.!!:)

    I am gonna change the size of my Qp's again.I am gonna start doing them in inches instead of pixels..so they will be the right sizes for you.But..I will do them 8"x 8" cause that is the size I use.That means they will be 2400 x2400.I am just not that patient for my paint program to finally move the one item I need moved and then freeze up when I do the 12"x 12" size.LOL

    I had to get my tooth pulled yesterday and there was one I needed filled.The cavity was close to the nerve and the Dentist is hoping she saved it for me.Time will tell.If it doesn't bother me..we are okay.:) I know I put off going to the Dentist until I just HAVE to. In the past...if they had to pull a bottom tooth I would get dry socket..that is way worse than the toothache I go there for. She told me they have something new now.They put a gel inside the hole that is left and it hardens and protects the jawbone from the air. She assured me that it works great. I won't have to come back in to get the hole packed with medicine. I sure hope she is right.:) I will be sure to let you know.hehe

    If you would like to use this QP...

    Here is the link:


    justrenae said...

    Oh Val, It is sooooo beautiful! You do such great work but since I am an amateur at kit creations I did not think the things I created could produce a page like this. Thank you so much!!!

    Love and Hugs!! Renae

    Aleah'sMommy said...

    This is gorgeous! Thank you so much! I found this on Renae's page.

    Robbi1 said...

    Gorgeous Page Val! Hope your missing tooth does well with the new stuff! Like yu said nothing worse than a dry socket! Hope you are enjoying Jims vacation and not trying to cram everything into one week....enjoy.
    Take care than thanks again! Hugs,Robbi1

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Valinda that is BEAUTIFUL - you're too sweet. Renae's kit IS LOVELY, so you've a great base to work with.

    I, too hope your tooth does well. There's nothing that can suck the life out of a day than a tooth that hurts or aches... amazing, in pain or discomfort from it can make you forget all the other good things going on in your body.

    You and Jim be sure to spoil yourself!

    hugs from me!

    Maria said...

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    bru9562816 said...

    Thanks for the lovely Qp's.