Monday, August 04, 2008

My dear friend Renae has started making kits and is giving them to us for free.YAY!! These are the two she has done so far and I read this morning that she has already finished another one she hasn't started offering yet.You go girl!hehe The Bold Summer was her very first be sure to leave a comment for her when you pick it up.:) If you would like to start collecting her cool kits...
  • HERE
  • is the link to her blog.
    I haven't made a freebie for us yet this week.I overused my right arm the other day and have a big knot in my right shoulder and my right forearm muscle is sooo sore that I can't even lift the milk jug without supporting the weight with my left hand.Silly me!!LOL DH said I am not allowed to trim hedges any more.hehe. I just used some muscles that I don't normally use..and reached over the hedges with the hedge trimmer and I guess I should have walked around to the other side...maybe??? But there is a ledge on that side that I didn't want to fall off of so I reached as far as I could. That's one job that will be taken off of my list.hehe I just wanted to help Jim some cause he works soo hard and then comes home and repairs things...fixes the puters when we need them fixed and he jumps at anything I say I would like done.Usually he will drop everything and say "You got it". I think he has a big reward waiting for him in heaven.:) I am rewarded every day and so blessed just having him to share my life with.:)


    justrenae said...

    Valinda, You are sooooo sweet!!! Thank you so much for doing this! You are such a treasured friend!

    Love and hugs!!! Renae

    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Morning Val!!!!!!!!!!
    Your not the only one sore!!! LOL
    Had a 15 yard dumpster here for the weekend & filled it to the top with a old sectional, freezer & a bunch of odds & ends both of my sons were here working at cleaning up!!!!!
    Now hopefully I can get my youngest DS to clean out all the leaves under the deck since I manage to get the rest of stuff out from underneath it!!!! LOL
    Going to do some blog hopping & than take a cat nap!!!!

    jill said...

    Hi Val. Surprise to 'see' me? I don't get out much anymore, but wanted to stop by and see what's going on. So sorry about your arm. We sure do have wonderful husbands. I don't dare 'think out loud'.