Friday, August 08, 2008

Layouts of Georgia Aquarium+ Freebie

Here is a layout I did of my oldest son Jimmy.We were in the tunnel at the Georgia Aquarium where hundreds..if not thousands of fish swim overhead.Jimmy turned his head and I took a pic.LOL It really turned out well for this bubble photo cause it is just blurred enough to make it look like he is looking out of a submarine window. Soo coool! The background is from the original pic I took and I recolorized it to be more blue.I also had to lighten it some so my printer would print it out the color that I wanted.:) We got some really cool pics. I will be showing them to you soon.

The layout of Christy is just like it came from the photo.I left it at the original colors. Both of the pics shown on her layout are taken at different spots in the aquarium.I just thought they looked cool together.It's like she is looking up to take a pic of the whale shark.:) I know a lot of you like the pic of your family to be the focal of the page and in a way ..even this small one does just that.I wanted to show just how big that whale shark is..and this one is small.LOL They said they can get up to thirty feet long. They would need a bigger aquarium to hold that one.Although they have the biggest aquarium in the world.:)

I made a "1200x1200" QP of the one with Christy in it."Under the Sea". You may need to lighten it some if it doesn't print out light enough for you. :)

Oh..I had my Eye Doc appointment yesterday.I don't have glaucoma or cataracts and the diabetes hasn't affected my eyes.He said I have something like..overfourtyitis.LOL I have a very slight astigmatism in my right eye.The rest is ..I just can't see close up. Duh! LOL I have lenses and glasses frames on order and should get them in about a week.My Dentist appt. is Monday. NOT my favorite place to spend the day.hehe.

If you would like to use this "Under the Sea" QP...

Here is the link:

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    Mrs. Miles said...

    WELL Mrs. Valinda - you could knock me over with a feather - for I thought last post you said you would not be around. I took a chance and came, and well here you are! Lucky me!

    What a neat layout of your son with all those fish. I LOVE aqariums - Miles has taken me to some nice ones on the Oregon/California coast. I have a secret wish I'd get locked in there one night by mistake... LOL.

    I like the way Christy is reaching in the one of her too - like she could grab one!

    I'm SO GLAD your eyes are ok. What a huge weight off your mind! I can't see too close up too, and should have glasses for distance for driving... but somehow I keep buying scrapping stuff and software instead, bad me, right?

    I'll be checking in on you again, my friend, but there is lightening in the area so I'd better scoot.

    hugs to you!

    Maria said...

    Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 09 Aug [LA 01:43am, NY 03:43am, UK 08:43am, OZ 06:43pm] ).

    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Morning Val!!!!!!!!
    WOW sounds like you all had a AWESOME time!!!!!!!!!
    Trying to get odds & ends done around here but I've been so tired from not sleeping so not managing to get anything done!!!!
    TY so very much for the COOL QP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    justrenae said...

    Hi Sweet Valinda, I didn't know you were having problems with your eyes. You can also put me in the category of not being able to see close up. This just started a couple of years ago. I always wondered why my grandmother would move her arm in and out trying to read something - I know now. I am so greatful it wasn't something serious!!!

    Your layout of the aquarium is just beautiful! I never took my camera with me on my fieldtrips with the kids to the Chatanooga aquarium!

    We are going to the beach the first week in September and your QP would just be perfect for that visit!!

    Love and hugs!! Renae