Sunday, August 03, 2008

Layout of Destiny-youngest Grand daughter

This is a layout I did of my youngest Grand daughter Destiny.She turned seven on July 31st.Isn't she cute?:) She is holding a "make it yourself" sticker kit. I don't know much about Hanna Montana..but the girls seem to really like her.
Thank you ALL sooo much for the sweet comments you left Jim and me for our Anniversary.:) We didn't celebrate it until yesterday evening.We went to Texas Roadhouse.It is a steak house restaurant.Mmmm they do a really great job.The food was delicious and it was fun.You never know when they will turn the music up loud and the waitresses will line dance in the middle of the isles. If you have a birthday..they have you sit on a sawhorse with a saddle and wave one of their huge white napkins in the air while everyone in the restaruant sings Happy Birthday to you.hehe. family did that to me one year and I made sure I never went there again on my bday.LOL I also made sure Jim didn't let anyone know that we were celebrating our Anniversary last night.LOL I told him..he would have to sit on that saw horse with me.He was really well behaved after that.hehe
We had storms come through town just before we were leaving the restaurant.We went to the truck through hail. We didn't know how much it was going to hail..but we ended up pulling up next to a big store to block the wind and keep some of the hail off of Jim's truck.We went in to the Christian bookstore and I told them ..."What better place to take refuge".:) We waited for it to die down and then went to the house.The electricity was off all over town and we discovered a good reason for part of that problem.A huge tree had blown over into the two traffic lanes that were going north and traffic was being stopped unless you wanted to go left or right at the light.ALL the traffic lights were out and everyone was having to treat the intersections as four way stops.That took a while too. At the last light we went to ..they finally had police officers directing the traffic.
The electricity stayed off for a long time so Jim and Robby(youngest son) went to get ice so we wouldn't lose everything in the refrigerator.They said the electricity was on ..on one side of town and off on the other.They came back home..and after a while of the electricity not coming back on..they took another trip and got ice and some stirofoam coolers. We unloaded some of the stuff from the refrigerator and put them into the coolers and just as we finished..the lights came back on.LOL Oh well..we didn't lose anything anyway.hehe
I don't have a freebie for you today.It's been a busy week.:)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


justrenae said...

Hi Valinda, The LO and your granddaughter are both absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

We had the same bad weather you had last night. The news said a tornado was headed right for us. We didn't see a tornado but did get the exact weather you received. Thank goodness this one is over!

Love and Hugs! Renae

Cintia said...

Hi Valinda :D

I love the LO, and your granddaughter are beautiful.

Here in Brazil, many girls, love Hanna Montana too :D

I´m happy that you enjoy with your family!
I love barbecue, hummmmmm so delicious :))

Have a wonderful week,



Mrs. Miles said...

Oh Valinda,

Your GD is TOO ADORABLE! She's sure all a'beam about the toy she's clutching!

CONGRATS to you and your husband - what an inspiration! 37 years - wow! Do give us your tips on having a happy marriage. You always speak so highly of your husband and it sounds like you have a wonderful marriage and family.

Ya, the sawhorse thing would have been embarrassing, but sure would have made a great layout! haha!

We had hail here, during those big windstorms, the hail can sure do some serious damage. Living on an orchard, the word hail can bring fear into an orchardist's heart. There was quite a bit of fruit lost to bad weather this year.

I hope you did not lose any food due to the lack of electricity.

I LOVE your heart layout, your flower ones are my VERY FAVORITES!

I'll be back and thanks for visiting me in my time away. You are SUCH a comfort and friend. You missing me warms my heart!