Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jimmy and Grandma Layout using Renae's new kit

Here is a layout I made using Renae's new "Natures Gifts Kit" and a pic of my oldest Son (Jimmy) and my Mom.:) The pic was a spur of the moment one time to comb his hair. I love natural pics anyway.Things that show emotion etc.:) This pic had his head chopped off at the top or I would have lowered it a little.I love it! can still use those pics that aren't just perfect.:)
If you would like to have the QP ...just scroll down and grab it ...then go say Hi to Renae and collect her gorgeous kits.:)


justrenae said...

Valinda, Your mother is BEAUTIFUL!! What a handsome son you have!

Hugs! Renae

Mrs. Miles said...

LOVELY - what other word could I use!

Thank you, my friend, for your thoughts, comfort and encouragement for Joy. Boy, you too have BEEN THERE. Thank you for sharing.

I've got 'too many irons in the fire' here... so must run, but promise to return. Taking care of all this set my designing way but, but I know God will supply all my needs!

BIG hugs,