Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to School Layout

I just LOVE this QP I found at
  • Christie's
  • (not my DD Christy) blog.Her CT has made two of them and Christie is offering them as freebies for us. How cool!
    This is my middle Grand daughter,Lexi.She LOVES Hanna Montana and was excited for me to take this pic of her with her new book bag.LOL

    Saturday, August 30, 2008


    Here is another QP I made using
  • Renae's
  • new "Nature's Gifts" kit. When I saw this rich red background paper..I just had to use it.:) You can click on the preview for a closer look if you like. You can add Renae's gorgeous kit to your collection when you stop by her blog.It's a freebie! Yay!

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate it sooo much.:) You are most welcome!

    This week has been a really busy one for me.I haven't had much puter time.Mom came over two days in a row to spend the day with me.... and then yesterday I decided to go through stuff that has piled up. I am trying to organize and sort things around the house. I really need to downsize some...I have too much stuff. You know..what nots ..nic nacs..whatever you call them and however you spell them.:) Junk mail and papers I never asked for...that sort of thing. Can you put .."Return to Sender" on junk mail????hmmm.LOL I think I will get a stamper made with that on it.hehe Anyway......

    I wanted to see if any of you liked this page and would like to grab it.LOL

    Here it is:

  • dwnldlink
  • Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Serenity Prayer

    With the stress and wonderment about the changing times and situations these days.I thought this prayer was quite appropriate. :) Some things happen and we can't change the situation... no matter how hard we try. The wisdom comes from knowing the difference between..the things we can change and the things we can't change....and resting in the Lord. He knows what we need..before we ask. Trust in him...for he cares for you.:)

    Proverbs 3:5-6 says :
    Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    In all thy ways acknowledge him...and HE shall direct thy paths.

    I hope this will help you to get through those trying times.:)


    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Looking fine at Seventy Nine

    This is a layout I did using Cintia Z's "Pretty Woman" kit. I LOVE
  • Cintia's
  • designs!! Don't you just love that zippered frame?:) I added the stitches myself ..and duplicated her eyelet to make the trim on the upper left corner paper.If you haven't been to her blog and store... go take a look.She has lots of commercial use items too. I am sure you will find all kinds of wonderful goodies to bring back with you.:)

    My Mom turned seventy nine years old in April of this year.She LOVES yellow.Always has..and I think she looks really great in these colors. Isn't she pretty? :) I have a paper scrap page of her with these pics and wording...but wanted a digital one also.I LOVE the way this one turned out too.:)

    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Jimmy and Grandma Layout using Renae's new kit

    Here is a layout I made using Renae's new "Natures Gifts Kit" and a pic of my oldest Son (Jimmy) and my Mom.:) The pic was a spur of the moment one time to comb his hair. I love natural pics anyway.Things that show emotion etc.:) This pic had his head chopped off at the top or I would have lowered it a little.I love it! can still use those pics that aren't just perfect.:)
    If you would like to have the QP ...just scroll down and grab it ...then go say Hi to Renae and collect her gorgeous kits.:)


    Here is another 2400x2400 QP I made using
  • Renae's
  • new Natures Gifts Kit. Told you she was making another one.LOL It's like going on a nature trail and everywhere you look there is something new and interesting to be sure to go to her blog and start collecting it right away.Well...after you grab this QP.hehe. Hope you like it.:) Thank you soo much Renae for letting me play!!:)

    Thank you ALL sooo much for the fantastic comments you have been leaving for us.We sure appreciate your taking the time to let us know what you think.You are most welcome!

    I had a busy day yesterday.Jim and I thought we needed to get another microwave cause ours had been tripping the fuse switch every time we used it. We bought a new 20 amp fuse and replaced it in the fuse box and then when the electricity still wouldn't work..Jim started taking apart the electrical sockets to check them out.When he got to the third one in the dining room..he noticed the plastic cover had some yellowing on it he took it off too and we found out that the socket had burned in half and the plastic box around it had melted too.The screws were black from burning.I am soo glad that it didn't start a fire in the house.Jim took plastic wire covers and twisted them onto the exposed wires and is planning to get a new socket to replace that one today. The good news microwave is still good.LOL Oh..and the house didn't burn down.hehe The house is around sixteen years old and there is no reason that the socket was faulty.Jim thinks us plugging things in and out of it may have caused it to short out.The thing is..I hardly EVER use that one.It's on the opposite side of the dining room and the only one who uses it is Jimmy when he vacuums for me. I just use a central plug in and it reaches pretty much wherever I need to may want to check your socket covers to see if there is yellowing around the outside.Can't hurt..right?

    Here is the link:

  • dwnldlink
  • Wednesday, August 20, 2008


    This is my dear friend Renae's new kit "Mimi's House".It has sooo many cool elements and papers..embellishments etc. in it that it makes you want to dig down in it to see what other goodies are in there.:)
    Here is a "2400x2400" QP I made with some of the cool pieces from Renae's new "Mimi's House" kit. This one only has a few of the things she is offering for you to play with on it. Be sure to go visit her and grab the new kit and she also said she is starting another one and should have it ready soon.

    Thank you ALL sooo much for the wonderful comments you have left for me about my new glasses. It took a lot of guts just to put my pic on here..let alone with glasses on.LOL I guess when you get sooo just accept are what you are.hehe

    I have been sooo busy this week.Jim was off Monday and today and Christy was off yesterday and I think we are supporting Walmart with our paychecks from all the shopping we have done this week.LOL Walmart..the one stop shopping place..three times a week.hehe I got my prescription filled at their pharmacy today and picked up some light bulbs etc while we were waiting for another store to open at eleven. We were killing some time and reducing our income at the same time.LOL

    Hope you like this QP...and if you do..please go say thanks to
  • Renae
  • for letting me play with her kit and making a freebie for us.:)

    Here is the link:

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  • Monday, August 18, 2008

    Valjs QP 8-17-08 plus Layout

    Here is a layout I did yesterday of my new glasses and the new Qp I am offering today.I love the mixture of colors in the background and it also has a cloth texture I added to it.I highlighted the flowers and some of the leaves to make them glow. Hope you like it.:)

    Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate it ...soooo much.:)

    My youngest son ...Robby and his family came over yesterday and spent the day.We watched movies and Jim repaired his (Robby's) computer.His motherboard went kaput! Jim just happened to have an extra one on hand.One he had in mine before we upgraded.'s better than the fried one.LOL

    Jim is off of work today.He is changing his days off since his store has cut back hours again.Probably the sixth time since he started working for them about six years ago.I figure if they would quit expanding and making new stores and take care of the ones they already have....they might actually see the profits go up ..cause the employees would actually be able to wait on the customers ..AND...keep the stores cleaned and stocked up.:) But..what do I know?LOL Anyway.......

    This Qp is darker than I usually do so if it prints out too dark..just lighten it a little before you put your pic in it.:)

    Here it is:
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  • Saturday, August 16, 2008

    My New Glasses :)

    Okay...this is a new experience for me.I really don't like to have my picture taken cause I am never happy with my looks and believe me..the older I get ..the less I like them.LOL Talk about over the hill goes down fast.My profile pic was from last August 1st. No lie!LOL Told you I was 54 and over weight...hehe but....I wanted to show you the new glasses I got today . Yes...that is really the color of my eyes...a grayish color..sometimes a little green mixes in according to what I wear.:) It took us a while to find a pair of glasses I was happy with though...cause they told me I needed a larger lense since I needed bifocals. I know they make the ones that are progressive but they told me since I get motion sickness real easily..that it wouldn't be a good idea. Jim said he got sickish when he first got his progressive trifocals and said I definitely wouldn't be able to adjust to them cause..he never gets sick and it was really hard for him to get use to his new glasses. When I say I get motion sickness..I mean if you move the screen around..I get nauseated. No..I do not play action video games.:) I think it has something to do with my equalibrium.When Jim and I were dating as teenagers we went to the fair one night and I rode in one of those rides where you stand up and it goes around real fast in a circle.Well..I was sick for three weeks after that and lost twenty pounds and three weeks of school too. Ever since then..I have had this problem. My joy of riding rides ended that night.:) I love watching others ride them though.hehe I can play some computer games if the screen stays put and there isn't a lot of movement to it.Good old solitaire...JK ....I love word games and puzzles etc...just don't move the pieces too fast.hehe
    Anyway... this is it or not.:) Be kind!!LOL

    Valjs Floral QP 8-14-08

    Here is another "2400x2400" Floral Qp I made for us.:) I LOVE the way the background seems to glow and the highlights on the roses is pretty cool too. Isn't it fun when you are surprised like that by something you did accidentally?LOL Click on the preview for a closer look.It doesn't do it justice in this small one.:)

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that. You are most welcome.:)

    My glasses came in yesterday and Jim and I are going to go get them this afternoon when he gets off of work.I will let you know if I can see any better with them.:) Sure hope so.!

    I spent the day yesterday scrapping. I am working on a scrapbook from our trips to the aquarium.I plan a hybrid one and a digital one.I have seen some really cute ocean and sea kits and Qp's out there while browsing and have collected a few...and am looking forward to using them. I spent yesterday working on the hybrid one. It was a lot of fun. When I learn how to take pics without the flash showing up in them..I will show you some of the pages I have made.LOL

    Not much more happening will get right to the freebie.

    Here it is:
  • dwnldlink
  • Friday, August 15, 2008

    Valjs Floral QP 8-14-08 2

    Here is a "2400x2400" Floral QP I made yesterday.I had some time to play and actually made two Qp's and couldn't decide which one I wanted to give you first.:) I'm really happy with the way this one turned out.Hope you like it too.:)

    I have started making my Qp's in this one is a true 8"x 8" size. That is..if I did it right.LOL I'm slow..but hopefully..I get there.hehe

    Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for Renae and me.You are most welcome and we are pleased you like the QP.:)

    There's not a lot more to tell you this morning .Jim went back to work yesterday and said they all had done a great job while he was gone.That always helps to make your vacation go better.Not having to worry if you will come back to a mess or not. That's pretty much all there is for I will get right to the freebie.....

    Here it is:
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  • Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Renae+Valj My Precious Zoey QP

    Here is a "2400x2400" QP using another of Renae's fantastic kits. I duplicated some of the elements etc. and flipped them around to place them where I wanted them.:) I think it's called poetic license.LOL Hope you like it and will run right over to
  • Renae's
  • blog and grab her kit.:) It's free!!!! She has several on there she is offering so be sure to scroll down and grab them all and don't forget to grab her cool templates too!!:)

    Thank you ALL so much for your wonderful comments you leave for us.You are most welcome.:)

    Jim (DH) has to go back to work today.Vacation time is over.:( He sure has been a big help getting me fixed up.:) I got my eyes examined and will pick up my bifocal glasses this week soon as they call to tell me they are in. Then I got some teeth fixed that were desperately needing repaired or removed. Jim helped me clean the house up and then waited on me hand and foot while I recovered from the Dentist's handy work.LOL The medication plus the after affects of getting my tooth pulled made me nauseated for most of two days. I was put on laughing gas while she worked on me... but let me tell you..nothing was funny.LOL She gave me three shots to deaden the pain before extracting my tooth and it still hurt when she pulled it.I told her it was hurting (twice) and all she did is say"uh huh" and keep pulling. She told me to let her know if I felt anything.Was that just general information or what?LOL I know she had to have been at least half way through pulling it and couldn't stop now...but whew! Knock me out next time..please! LOL I wonder if I will look forward to Jim's next vacation.hehe

    If you would like this QP...

    Here is the link:

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  • Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    My dear friend ...
  • Mrs.Miles
  • ..alias Olivia Dorazio ..hehe ..has done it again.She has made a part 2 to her COOL junkyard garden kit and she is selling it in her store this week.This preview is only part of the kit.She has the rest of the previews at her place.:) She also has several beautiful QP's she is giving away on her blog as the week goes be sure to stop back in to make sure you get them all. Please leave her a wonderful comment too.:)

    Here is a "3600x3600" full page QP I made yesterday from my dear friend
    beautiful kit.."The Humid South".She has so many pretty elements and embellishments in this kit. After you grab this sure to go see her and start collecting her gorgeous work.She has beautiful rectangle templates and you should really see her Gorgeous layouts she does with them.:) Oh..and be sure to tell her thank you for sharing.She also has a few other COOL kits she is giving away on her blog for free.You will want to grab those too.!!:)

    I am gonna change the size of my Qp's again.I am gonna start doing them in inches instead of they will be the right sizes for you.But..I will do them 8"x 8" cause that is the size I use.That means they will be 2400 x2400.I am just not that patient for my paint program to finally move the one item I need moved and then freeze up when I do the 12"x 12" size.LOL

    I had to get my tooth pulled yesterday and there was one I needed filled.The cavity was close to the nerve and the Dentist is hoping she saved it for me.Time will tell.If it doesn't bother me..we are okay.:) I know I put off going to the Dentist until I just HAVE to. In the past...if they had to pull a bottom tooth I would get dry socket..that is way worse than the toothache I go there for. She told me they have something new now.They put a gel inside the hole that is left and it hardens and protects the jawbone from the air. She assured me that it works great. I won't have to come back in to get the hole packed with medicine. I sure hope she is right.:) I will be sure to let you know.hehe

    If you would like to use this QP...

    Here is the link:

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Pics at Georgia Aquarium

    Here is a pic of a stingray.I took the pic through a small window just before the tunnel.

    Here is just one pic of the tunnel.There is an area on the floor where you can stand on a conveyer belt thingy and it slowly moves you through the tunnel and you don't have to walk looking up and running into each other.LOL You can step off and stay there as long as you would like.I have more pics from in here that I will show you later.I have a Dentist appt. in the morning so I am not sure I will have time to get them up tomorrow. But stay tuned.hehe

    This is a swordfish and a whale shark.There is an area just before the huge aquarium where there is a a small room and you go into it ..look up through a round window and you can see the fish swimming overhead.

    This is a HUGE aquarium.The fish really are BIG too.They swim right up next to the glass and you can see them up close.:)

    I wanted to tell you about this HUGE aquarium.Probably my favorite place besides the tunnel.:) It is 63 ft long and 27ft high.The glass or acrylic wall is 2 ft thick. It holds 6,300,000 gallons of artificial sea water. Look at the size of it compared to the people standing and sitting in front of it.Do you see the sides? No...hehe Now that's a big aquarium.!! The room was packed full of people just sitting or standing and watching the fish,whale sharks,sword fish,stingrays,hammer head sharks...etc.
    Jim and I are taking today off and just relaxing.We have been going and going since Wednesday(his first day of vacation and the day we went to the Aquarium) and we are both ready to stop going and going for today.:)
    I hope you enjoy these pics and if you would like to use them for your "personal" scrapbooking...feel free to click on the pic and then right click and save. The pics haven't been doctored or edited..they are as they came out of my camera.:)

    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    In Loving Memory

    Seven years ago from today my Daddy lost his struggle with Cancer.When I was a teenager Daddy had a tumor in his thigh and it was cancerous.He got cobalt treatments for it back then and now they have found out years later..that the cobalt treatments caused cancer.He was having some problems with his legs and had an operation for spinal stenosis. As far as I understand ..that is a tightening of the casing around your spine.He didn't recover well and moved from Florida ..back to Georgia and went to another Doctor and this Doctor discovered that he had a tumor behind his bladder that was the size of three grapefruits.During the time of his trying to find out what options etc. that he had, they discovered that the tumor had wrapped itself around his hip and spine.He took radiation treatments for it but the cancer was just too big.The only other option they gave him was to have his left leg removed at the hip and have to wear a colonoscopy(mispelled I am sure) bag to collect his bowels. He opted to go to heaven and get a new body.:) It was an agonizing year for all of the family and especially for my Mom and I who were his main caregivers. It's no fun to watch a loved one suffer the way he did and not much at all you can do but try to make them comfortable. Mom did soo well.When the Hospice nurses came to check on him ..they were amazed that he didn't have one single bed sore.Mom made sure of that.:) She and Daddy were both nurses aids and worked for the V.A. for years. Mom worked on the Cancer ward so she knew what to do and what to expect while he was sick. She says it helped her a lot.I didn't know that much about it and I think I am glad I didn't cause I don't think I could have handled knowing what he was gonna have to go through.KWIM? It was hard enough on a day to day basis.:(
    The day Daddy went to be with Jesus...Mom and my brothers and I were at his bedside and I was soo sleepy I couldn't stand it.It had been a long week of us being called to his bedside over and over with Mom thinking he was gonna go any minute.We stayed up all night around his bedside and then I was sitting on a chair at the end of his bed and had ahold of his foot...just to let him know I was there.I fell asleep and Mom sent me to the office to grab a few minutes of sleep and not ten minutes later they came into the room and told me he was gone. I sometimes wonder if he waited for me to leave.:) Anyway..I didn't cry when I saw him laying there so peacefully.I looked up to heaven and shouted.."Daddy..You made it!!!" and I laughed.You see..I KNOW there is a God and I KNOW my Jesus is real and I KNOW my Daddy is with him.:) Yes..I cried later..when I knew I would miss him and even now I am trying to write this through the tears...because I love him and want to see him again.He brought a lot of joy and laughter into our lives...and the family is not the same without him...but the scriptures say..'Oh death where is your sting?" It's a lot easier when you are confident that they aren't gone..they are just somewhere else waiting for you.:) This reaction may seem odd to you..but he was no longer in pain and agony and I was thrilled for him.:)

    The Lord gave me this poem about a week or so before. I think it was his way of preparing me for it. Click on the preview and you will be able to read it if you want.:)

    I wanted to share this song with was his favorite.:)

    Friday, August 08, 2008

    Layouts of Georgia Aquarium+ Freebie

    Here is a layout I did of my oldest son Jimmy.We were in the tunnel at the Georgia Aquarium where hundreds..if not thousands of fish swim overhead.Jimmy turned his head and I took a pic.LOL It really turned out well for this bubble photo cause it is just blurred enough to make it look like he is looking out of a submarine window. Soo coool! The background is from the original pic I took and I recolorized it to be more blue.I also had to lighten it some so my printer would print it out the color that I wanted.:) We got some really cool pics. I will be showing them to you soon.

    The layout of Christy is just like it came from the photo.I left it at the original colors. Both of the pics shown on her layout are taken at different spots in the aquarium.I just thought they looked cool together.It's like she is looking up to take a pic of the whale shark.:) I know a lot of you like the pic of your family to be the focal of the page and in a way ..even this small one does just that.I wanted to show just how big that whale shark is..and this one is small.LOL They said they can get up to thirty feet long. They would need a bigger aquarium to hold that one.Although they have the biggest aquarium in the world.:)

    I made a "1200x1200" QP of the one with Christy in it."Under the Sea". You may need to lighten it some if it doesn't print out light enough for you. :)

    Oh..I had my Eye Doc appointment yesterday.I don't have glaucoma or cataracts and the diabetes hasn't affected my eyes.He said I have something like..overfourtyitis.LOL I have a very slight astigmatism in my right eye.The rest is ..I just can't see close up. Duh! LOL I have lenses and glasses frames on order and should get them in about a week.My Dentist appt. is Monday. NOT my favorite place to spend the day.hehe.

    If you would like to use this "Under the Sea" QP...

    Here is the link:

  • dwnldlink
  • Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    Valjs Floral QP 8-5-08

    Here is a QP I made for you today.I am going on vacation with Jim this week.Not sure if we will go anywhere or not. I need an overhaul.LOL Teeth..eyes..and my three month checkup for the Doctor. That sure can put a bite into your finances,huh? :)

    This page is done in "1200x1200".I use to make this size all the time for myself and have decided to make one in that size again and if you would like to have it knowing this....

    Here is the link:)
  • dwnldlink
  • Monday, August 04, 2008

    My dear friend Renae has started making kits and is giving them to us for free.YAY!! These are the two she has done so far and I read this morning that she has already finished another one she hasn't started offering yet.You go girl!hehe The Bold Summer was her very first be sure to leave a comment for her when you pick it up.:) If you would like to start collecting her cool kits...
  • HERE
  • is the link to her blog.
    I haven't made a freebie for us yet this week.I overused my right arm the other day and have a big knot in my right shoulder and my right forearm muscle is sooo sore that I can't even lift the milk jug without supporting the weight with my left hand.Silly me!!LOL DH said I am not allowed to trim hedges any more.hehe. I just used some muscles that I don't normally use..and reached over the hedges with the hedge trimmer and I guess I should have walked around to the other side...maybe??? But there is a ledge on that side that I didn't want to fall off of so I reached as far as I could. That's one job that will be taken off of my list.hehe I just wanted to help Jim some cause he works soo hard and then comes home and repairs things...fixes the puters when we need them fixed and he jumps at anything I say I would like done.Usually he will drop everything and say "You got it". I think he has a big reward waiting for him in heaven.:) I am rewarded every day and so blessed just having him to share my life with.:)

    Sunday, August 03, 2008

    Layout of Destiny-youngest Grand daughter

    This is a layout I did of my youngest Grand daughter Destiny.She turned seven on July 31st.Isn't she cute?:) She is holding a "make it yourself" sticker kit. I don't know much about Hanna Montana..but the girls seem to really like her.
    Thank you ALL sooo much for the sweet comments you left Jim and me for our Anniversary.:) We didn't celebrate it until yesterday evening.We went to Texas Roadhouse.It is a steak house restaurant.Mmmm they do a really great job.The food was delicious and it was fun.You never know when they will turn the music up loud and the waitresses will line dance in the middle of the isles. If you have a birthday..they have you sit on a sawhorse with a saddle and wave one of their huge white napkins in the air while everyone in the restaruant sings Happy Birthday to you.hehe. family did that to me one year and I made sure I never went there again on my bday.LOL I also made sure Jim didn't let anyone know that we were celebrating our Anniversary last night.LOL I told him..he would have to sit on that saw horse with me.He was really well behaved after that.hehe
    We had storms come through town just before we were leaving the restaurant.We went to the truck through hail. We didn't know how much it was going to hail..but we ended up pulling up next to a big store to block the wind and keep some of the hail off of Jim's truck.We went in to the Christian bookstore and I told them ..."What better place to take refuge".:) We waited for it to die down and then went to the house.The electricity was off all over town and we discovered a good reason for part of that problem.A huge tree had blown over into the two traffic lanes that were going north and traffic was being stopped unless you wanted to go left or right at the light.ALL the traffic lights were out and everyone was having to treat the intersections as four way stops.That took a while too. At the last light we went to ..they finally had police officers directing the traffic.
    The electricity stayed off for a long time so Jim and Robby(youngest son) went to get ice so we wouldn't lose everything in the refrigerator.They said the electricity was on ..on one side of town and off on the other.They came back home..and after a while of the electricity not coming back on..they took another trip and got ice and some stirofoam coolers. We unloaded some of the stuff from the refrigerator and put them into the coolers and just as we finished..the lights came back on.LOL Oh well..we didn't lose anything anyway.hehe
    I don't have a freebie for you today.It's been a busy week.:)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Friday, August 01, 2008

    Today is my sweethearts and my Anniversary.We have been married for thirty seven wonderful years.! You probably already know this next part if you have been reading my blog.LOL

    I was thirteen and Jim was fourteen when we started going together. Our family moved across the street from his family. We would glance at each other all the time and he use to walk to the school bus stop that was closer to his friends. One day ..he started walking to the bus stop closer to our houses.hehe I was sitting on the bus and no one else was next to me at the time.He walked up to me and said "Do you mind if I sit here?" I of course said no ..I didn't mind. From that day on..he sat next to me on the bus and anywhere else I chose to sit.LOL We went through the stages of me wearing his class ring...pre-engagement know the rings with the little tiny diamond in them? Then one day ..Dec.19th..just before Christmas that year...he came home from work..came over to see me and gave me a beautiful kiss and a hug and asked me if I loved him? I said "yes" and then he asked me..."Enough to marry me?" I said "yes" and he pulled out a small jewelry box and it had an engagement ring in it. It was white gold with a single diamond in the center.(bigger than the pre-engagement ring..hehe) . The first thing I asked him..was it real? LOL Cause my Mom had been telling me I couldn't get engaged yet...and what a cruel trick that would be for me to have to decide between obeying my Mom..or obeying my heart. Whew! I was only sixteen then.My birthday was the next month..Jan.28. I was torn between joy and sadness and all mixed up at once. What to do??? Then he laughed and told me that he and my Mom had gotten together and decided it was okay.LOL We planned a wedding for the following Aug.1...which was thirty seven years ago today!! :) If you did the math..I am 54 and he is 55.LOL

    Happy Anniversary Jim! Thank you for sitting next to me!:)