Monday, July 21, 2008

A Day Of Swimming!

Tsunami Blue by Olivia Dorazio

Here is a BB page I did using Olivia Dorazio's
  • Mrs.Miles
  • Tsunami Blue Kit.:) I LOVE the Cool elements she has made.The chain in the upper left corner and the lock.The strings add sooo much to the page too.Click on the preview and you will get a closer look.:) My DIL sent me pics of my Grand daughters spending the day at the pool.We don't have beach pics..but I think they look great in the page.:)
    If you like Olivia's can find the info to her store on Mrs.Mile's blog.:)


    Mrs. Miles said...

    GOOD MORNING VALINDA *in a sing song voice* leaning over the fence with a coffee! My, but your garden looks GOOD. Ha, I WISH, gurlfriend. But this comment will have to suffice.

    Your BB looks AWESOME - I love what you did - how CLEVER. I never thought of it for swimming! Duh, smack me.

    I'm working away on my newest kit - its going to be HUGE - so huge I'll be able to whack it into 4 or 5 sections, which might actually give me time off in August from designing... then I can PLAY too haha!

    THANK YOU so much for using my kit and for being you! I hope you have a wonderful day! Hope you are feeling well.


    Mrs. Miles said...

    PS - I'm going to feature your LO on my next blog entry!

    jburkhart said...

    Hi Valinda!
    Remember me???? Thought I had long since gone, hadn't you??? So sorry for not stopping in to say hi much this Summer - thought I'd have more times with my oldest being home - but really haven't had much computer time other than to get my design challenges up and running, my occassional freebies on my blog so no one forgets little ol' me and then checking my zillion emails each day - guess I need to allocate my time just a little better, huh? I did finally get a new layout done this month...yay for me. My youngest will be going to kindergarten in a month, so I am hoping that I can finally get back to designing a bit more as well as catching up on my blog visits and reading! I know I have been BAD BAD BAD! Hugs to you and thank you so very much for your many blog visits - I love to see that you have come over to check on me and to say hi! You always make my day! Thanks!
    My kitty is doing well - no more incidents or trips to the vets - which is really good! Still waiting for the real estate market to pick up so dh can bring home a paycheck sometime - it has been really tough this last year and a half - ugh!
    Anyway....enough of my babbling....counting down until the Fall season of Greys and the other shows...watching Big Brother now, but not as good as it use to be!
    Love your layout that you have created using Mrs. Miles Kit - it is gorgeous!
    Big hugs to you and I will try and stop by again soon!

    justrenae said...

    I left this in my blog posting today but had to leave it in your comments section also!!! Valinda, What you wrote yesterday was so funny. She may never outgrow this. You could make a page when she gets older titled "See how much my tonsils have grown". My children (21 and 18) have to make funny pictures before having normal face pictures. Zoey now makes a game of it or I have to bribe her. She will say take a picture and then run and hide and try to make it impossible to take her picture. I have more pictures of the back of her head than the front! I bribe her by saying you want to go play outside? She says YESSSSSS and I say well you have to let Nana take a few pictures of you!

    Your QP's are always so good and Ashalee and Sweet have a recommend a friend spot. Would you be interested? If so your name will be the only name anyone has posted. You get their free kits to play with, request kits to play with and even get $$ for buying their stuff!

    Well, I guess I will talk to you tomorrow!

    Nighty-night!! Renae

    Mrs. Miles said...

    *blushing here*

    You're TOO sweet Valinda.

    Thanks so much for your 'visit' this morning. Gurlfriend, you are so fortunate you DON'T live by me, haha, for I would have you 'swimming' in hummingbird stuffies that I would pick up at thrifts and yardsales.

    I hope you and Jim had a good brekkie!