Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Scrapbook Cabinet...YAY!!! :)

Here is a pic of my new Scrapbook Cabinet that Jim (DH) just finished building for me. I LOVE IT !! I had Jim take the pic before I realized the drawers needed cleaned from him putting the knobs on. Oh well..pretend it's clean.LOL I will clean it later after I get it loaded up the rest of the way.:) I told you there was no room to expand.hehe Would you believe I still had to use a set of my 3 stack plastic drawers??? I have the stencils and extra paper pieces etc in them. Oh..I had Jim add a small drawer under the ribbons for the ribbons that come wrapped around a piece of cardboard.KWIM? You can't tell by looking at this pic..but on top of the cabinet (from right to left) I have a glass cookie jar that is filled with markers and pencils...then another glass container that is holding those glass colored rocks that are flat on one side...then a glass vase that has a bunch of different silk flowers in various colors for my scrap pages. I will just pull the flower off of the stem on the one I need and replace the bunch when I need more.:) If you could see how many I have in will know..I won't need more for a while...hehe

If you are interested in the dimensions of my cabinet.Jim said it is 5' x 5' x 1' deep. Those are 12" x 12" papers on the right side in the slats...and they just fit.We had to keep the depth at this size cause the dining table has to fit in there too.:)'s bedtime for me now. I worked hard today!!!LOL freebie in the morning..I'm sleeping in.:)



leidee q said...

that is a SWEET cabinet! Love the handy work....wish my hubby was handy like that! LOL

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Wow Val it sure is AWESOME Soon he will have to make you a addon for it!!!!! LOL
I tried to DL your AWESOME QP from yesterday but its coming up can't be found even in IE so I guess 4share is thrwing a fit again so I'll try again later!!!!

Jody said...

What a wonderful, talented DH you have. The cabinet is so beautiful and perfect for you. Now that everything is in your dining room you must remember to keep it neat and tidy! LOL


Suzi said...

Your cabinet is AWESOME!!! I'm sure you will enjoy it very much :) I hope you have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Valinda, What else can I say but LUCKY LUCKY YOU!! Your hubby did a wonderful job on your scrapbook center. I just love it.
Enjoy your new cabinet and happy creating.
Sue ^i^

Ode said...

I've got to congratulate your DH for his great cabine. I'm just dreaming of one just like that. You are a lucky woman!!!

Jen F. said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I would ask my DH to make me one too ;-) heehee Love your scrapbook layouts! Im starting my parents 40th anniversary scrapbook-it takes a while sigh... I just came across from Google to look for scrapbook cabinet for my home..and you popped up here ;-) WOW beautiful!