Friday, May 23, 2008

Valjs Retro BB 3

Here is the third brag book page I made using my new Retro Kit. Hope you like it too.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I really do appreciate your taking the time to do that. You are most welcome.:) Enjoy!

Mom and I had a really great time yesterday.We went to IHOP for breakfast..then to some thrift stores and Big Lots. We ran out of speed around two o'clock or so.:) Plus we wanted to beat the afternoon traffic coming out of Atlanta.I didn't buy very much this time. Mom got some really nice things for her house.:) I got a couple of scrapbook elements from Big Lots.They were half price and I couldn't resist.LOL Mom brought me back home and I took a short nap and then it was time to think about supper. I made meatloaf and mac and cheese with green beans and corn.Not a hard meal to make.I was too tired to fuss much.:)

Christy (DD) saved a little kitten day before yesterday.Someone had dropped off some stray kittens at the office.Those of you who have been visiting my blog regularly know that she is a Veterinary Assistant. She loves her job.:)
She and another employee were in the office early ..before the Doctors were there.The kitten was lethargic and leaning it's head over the litter box.Christy took it's temp and said it was really low.So she got a heating pad with blankets and warmed the kitten up and took a blood sample to check for the sugar count.Said it didn't even register so she did what she had seen the Doctors do and gave it some medicine or whatever it is they give them and by the time the Doctor got there the kitten had eaten on it's own and was sleeping in a cage with it's little brother.:) The Doctor said she did everything perfectly.:) Cool huh? I am soo proud of her.!!

Here is the link:
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    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Morning Val!!!!!
    Sounds like you & Mom had a wonderful time together!!!!!!
    Your DD did a GREAT job!!!!!!
    TY so very much for another FANTASTIC page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tammy aka bunchie said...

    Sounds like your dd has a heart of gold! I haven't been arouhnd for awhile since I've been so busy. But, when someone tagged me I know who I wanted to tag and it was you! Go to my blog for the rules and I hope you participate!

    Tammy aka bunchie said...

    Let it to me to find something for you to do (hehe)! I know I haven't been by in awhile but know I still lurk, I mean visit, and get your stuff often!

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Awww, I am so happy the kitty was ok, and Christy knew what to do. I am happy you and Mom had a good day out shopping too, you deserve it. Love this QP brag book size. Your dinner sounds yummy too, I've been craving mac and cheese lately!


    Maria said...

    Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

    ccynden said...

    Thank you for the continued addition to the Retro series, love them.

    Robbi1 said...

    Yeah Val, We finally found the Big Lots 8 x 8 albums! Michaele got 2 I got 4 I have to go buy some more Ink! Thnx and have a great day!