Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thunderstorm Last Night

I got some really cool pics of this thunderstorm yesterday evening.It started rolling in right at supper time. I got a call from my DIL who said they were on the way to our house cause there were tornado warnings. This pic was taken from our front porch.I love the way we can see over the trees and watch storms go bye.:)

Here comes the rain...and some small hail too.:) Sirens were going off all over town. There were even reports of at least one tornado that I know of touching ground...and it showed trees that were clipped off and nothing but the lower part of their trunks sticking up in the air.

This was sooo cool !!! When the storm was passing DS and family were getting into their van to go back home and they said..."Look..a rainbow" !! I call this pic..God's reminder.:) He is reminding us of his promise to never flood the earth again.:) It was an awesome show.:)


Anonymous said...

I noticed you havn't gotten any comments on this one yet. I think you did a wonderful job of displaying God's promise to us. Keep up the good work. We all need to be reminded of God's love for us. So many people have put Him on a shelf and forgotten that He is still in control.

Renae said...

Hi there, I have missed you too. It's good to be back! I have had a hard year not just husband MIA but with my children.

I just got through enrolling them both in college for fall quarter. It's something they want - they are making me so proud of them. Maybe the hubby was just ruining all of our lives???

Thank you once again,

hugs and love!! Renae

Michelle said...

What awesome pictures! One of my friends and I LOVE clouds and take pictures of them whenever we can. So I appreciated these! I especially loved your rainbow photo. I love your title for it, and I am reminded of His promise and power every time I see a rainbow, too!