Monday, May 26, 2008

Family Layouts using Retro Kit

This is my Niece Nicole.I think she is soo pretty.:) She is studying to be a Dental Assistant...technician. :) Not in this layout though.hehe. I just placed her pics on top of the new Bracket pages that I resized to look like frames.

This is Nicole with youngest Granddaughter. Nicole made this scrumptious Strawberry cake for Mother's day.It was about four layers tall.:)

This is Nicole with her Mom (my sister). This photo turned out so well with the two of them..I just had to make a layout using it.

This is my sister and her family. I can't remember who took this pic but it wasn't done with my camera.It was such a good photo of them I wanted to do another layout using my new Retro Kit and the new Bracket Pages..frames..whatever you call them.LOL
I am still a little sore and haven't been spending as much time on the puter as I normally would when designing. I will try to be back on Wed with the new Retro Bracket pages. I would love to know what you think of these layouts. Some of you may think they are too busy..but I really like them.:)
Thank you ALL so much for your well wishes. The swelling has gone down in my lips and the cut is healing really well.I kept ice packs and neosporin on them and they are doing great.I have been rinsing my mouth out with warm salt water and making sure my teeth are brushed.(not an easy thing to do with the inside of my mouth torn up):) It still hurts a little when the inside lip rubs against my teeth. My shoulder is still pretty sore. No one can touch it without me hollering be careful.LOL My son hugged me good bye tonight and I had to remind him about it.:) But most of the damage to me was done on the I don't look that bad today.:)
See ya Wednesday if all goes well.:)


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

AWESOME LOs VAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TYFS them!!!!!!!!!
Rest up & take care of yourself!!!!!
GENTLE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms Kittie said...

I agree with Sharon they are Awesome!

Glad that you are doing some better. Rest up and come back soon. You are truly missed by all your blog family.

Have a great day.


Judy said...

I too have to agree....all those layouts are AWESOME!!!!!!
Glad to hear you are on the improve.